Chandra Masala's 'Jalwa' brand will be available at the Skin Fair! Meenakshi is the new line which features Chandra's trademark style: defined, dramatic cheeks and a strong brow. It's a beautiful skin with a very detailed face, including defined textures on the nose, cheek, and eye. My favorite feature? The super glossy lip.

Here are the details:

Eyebrows:  Black, brown, blonde, ginger [pictured], and none.
Cosmetics:  Six eye shadows and six lip shades.
Applier ready:  Jalwa skins are compatible with the popular breast implant lines, phat azz, baby bumps, and Slink avatar enhancements.
Cleavage Options:  Because some of us don't sport the mesh boobies.

Skin:    Jalwa - Meenakshi (Saffron)[Pictured with Ginger brow and teal eyeshadow]
Hair:    Eater's Coma - Group Gift 03 (Reds HUD)
Dupetta:    Aspara - White
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (brown)
Lashes:    *MC* Mon Cher - Falsies


Loving the Skin You're In - Erin, by League


If you're expecting to be amazed and won over by Erin, the new skin premiering at Skin Fair, then expect something bigger. When I saw that League was stepping into the Skin Fair fray for 2014 I was very excited! I've been a sporter of Jen for a long time, and I've always been drawn to Nena Janus' attention to detail. I've also always appreciated her look, which is somewhat pouty, sultry, and a bit more grown up than many skins out there. The skin reminds me a lot of Jen, but there are differences such as a more refined face, detailed cheek bones, thicker brows, and a more detailed nose.

What Erin brings to the table:

Auburn eyebrows. Yes. Auburn eyebrows. For forever I have been hoping to see a red release of the brow and possible updates to Jen and other popular skin lines. Isla was the only skin with a red-toned brow until now.
Chest de-enhancers. Instead of breasts C, D, or E there is the option to be de-enhanced as shown above.
Freckles! They exist in this new line - this time with a bit more realism.
Nail layer. Like Erin's predecessors, the glove layer is still included for those who wear prim nails. 
Pubic options. Because some girls like to sport a little hair down there. 
Makeups. Tintable lipsticks!
No brow. Skins now come with a no-brow option.
Applier ready. For hands, feet, breast implants, and phat azz. No word yet on the mesh heads with applier technology or the baby bump. 

Skin Fair opens March 14. Read more about it!

Please note:    This photo has been slightly photoshopped, but not by much. Most of the lighting and shadow here is from windlights inworld.

Skin:    League - Erin (Fair Opal)[Paired with Lipstick #5] New!
Hands:    Slink
Hair:    (fd) Fashionably Dead -  Bossy Updo (Red 04) New!~Collabor88
Pose:    Self



Dress & Coat:    *{Junbug}* - Mrs. Darcy (Dreaming) ~ Seraphim Social
Bonnet:    *Tentacio* - Jane Hat [HUD controlled] ~ Seraphim Social
Hands:    Slink V2 Casual
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Maxi Dress
Location:    Goatswood



Hair:    Truth - Tyr (Reds Pack)[HUD] New!
Lipstick:    [PF] Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout <Deep> Blue
Eyeshadow:    MONS - Stunning (Green)
Eyes:    IKON - Spectral Eyes (Ice)


The Rose Bower

"Oh, but you are alone. Who knows what you have spoken to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you..."

Dress:    JunBug - Adele's Secret (Ivory)~We <3 RP
Hair:    Chemisty - Sirena (XLONG)[HUD Controlled]
Hands:    Slink - Casual V2
Rose Pavillion:    Garden of Dreams


Here, There be Mermaids

I found this underwater SIM in my landmarks folder, went to check it out, and decided to explore it. I love mermaids. I think the photo speaks for itself.

Tail:    =LunaSea= - Oceana [Mesh]
Hair:    Argace - Akane (True Red) New!
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Cosmetics:     Izzie's (With the Harlow skin pack)
Hands:    Slink
Eyes:    Ikon - Spectral Eyes (Nymph) New!~FaMeshed


My Eyes,  My Stars

I've always been Ikon Innova's biggest fan when it came to eyes. One blogger once told me it was like walking into a jewelry store - all the eyes look like perfect little gems. And you know? That's the a great example. I've always liked the IKON brand above other brands because of the sclera. I know that seems kind of silly, but many top eye makers in SL have an unnaturally shadowed sclera. I can not stand the overabundance of shadow because it negates what would otherwise be a brilliantly colored iris. IKON has always had a perfect balance of realistic sclera with an iris that has a slightly fantasy appeal.

Up until now, I was never fond of the mesh eye. I always thought the quality of the eye never changed from system to mesh prim. Too, I always through the eye was a wasted alpha and the mesh prim was just a useless thing to add scripts to our avatars when the goal is to lower scripts - which is important if you're a roleplayer and toting an arsenal of scripted gear. However, I'm sold on the Spectral eye not only for it's realism, but for the HUD. The HUD allows the wearer to change between brightness, iris size, sclera shading, and glow. It also allows you to pose the eyes for a quick photograph. There are other HUDs that do this, yes, but nothing beats the realism that comes with the Spectral eyes.

The Spectral eyes are currently at FaMeshed for a reasonable price of $150L. In case you're not wanting to sport the mesh prims, the eyes come with system versions. You can also grab a demo to try them out.

Please note: This photograph of my alt has been photoshopped, but nothing has been post edited with the eye. They are just that amazing and stand out all on their own.

Hair:    D!va - Daisy Type A (Onyx) New!~ December Arcade
Eyes:    IKON - Spectral Mesh Eye (Chocolate) New!~December FaMeshed
Skin:    [PF]Pink Fuel - Kumi (Vanilla)
Lip Gloss:    [PF]Pink Fuel - Lip Glaze (Innocence w/ teeth)