Curio, I Support You!

 I got a notice from Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins stating that her store is closed. I love Curio's skins. I mean I loooooove them. I mostly wear Yum in Moonbeam. I have an alt who wears the Jasmin in Shell. Because I love her skins so much I have a few others that I wear just for photographs. So when I found out that Gala Phoenix lost her store and that she had to pull all her skins from Second Life because Hush's skin maker has reported Gala Phoenix as a skin thief I was sort of beside myself. There's been a lot of head scratching over this from what I've read on various blogs and now photographs are turning up of Hush's skins ill disguised watermarks not only from Curio but from League as well.

So...Really? Are you REALLY going to rip off someone's skins and try to pursue legal action against THEM? I hope karma's boot has steel toes, spikes, and perhaps some explosives, so that when you get your ass kicked from here to Hell it really, really hurts.

Please read: http://excinerator.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/regarding-the-hushcurio-situation/

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