There's really no need for me to give this entry an elaborate title. The truth is my 'to blog' folder is full of hair. Some people are skin junkies, some are shape junkies, and some might be fixated on a particular item of clothing. Like shoes. As for me? I have to have hair and lots of it. Maybe because I have long hair in real life and adore wearing it in so many ways that I gravitate to having a bajillion updos and different styles of long here in second life. There are jokes passed around that yes, indeed, I probably do own the entire inventory selection of Truth Hawkes' merchandise. At least the reds.

Creators are really dishing out the new styles lately. Awesome for my avatar! Terrible for my wallet.

This first style is from =DeLa=. I did not know she was making mesh hair until a little birdy on Plurk mentioned it. So I tried on all the demos and then, subsequently, bought three of the hairs. For one I love her reds. Secondly, I love how romantic the styles are.

The latest buzz-about event is Fairy Tales at Glam Affair. I have tried to get over there with little luck. I did, however, manage to brave the lag just long enough to swoop down and snag me one of Exile's hairstyles for the event. I love Exile's mesh hair. The textures, the colors.. And what's more is that I love a good editorial hair. Exile has two hairs available at Fairy Tales 2012. This one is called Lost in Wonderland. I don't have it pictured, but it does come with a bow that changes textures.

Top Photo
Top:    Jane! IntrinsicTank - Milk [Free]
Hair:    DeLa - Dolce (Number 5){Mesh}
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Pose:   Self

Bottom Photo
Top:    Jane! Intrinsice Tank - Milk [Free]
Hair:    Exile - Lost in Wonderland (Rouge) {Mesh}(Fairy Tales 2012)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Pose:    Self

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