Closer, No Hesitations

Another trip to the vintage fair. I've been kind of wanting to recreate a Jessica Rabbit look, but I would up with this beautiful dress from Fanatik. I've been waiting for beautiful opera gloves now for awhile and Boom delivers. 

Thank you to the amazing and awesome Scipio Zelin for filling out a suit like nobody's business and posing with me.

Dress:    Fanatik - Vintage Evening Gown (White)~Vintage Fair 2012
Gloves:    *BOOM* - Dame Elbow Gloves (Navy)~Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes:    Pixel Mode - Baby T's Plain (Black)
Earrings:    Earthstones - Diamond tennis earrings
Hair:    Chemisty - Vines (Crimson)
Skin:    Belleza - Betty (Pale)~Vintage Fair 2012
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capri blue)
Skip:    Epicosity - Double Breasted Suit~Vintage Fair 2012

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  1. ara says:

    fantastic look! I love the contrast of your hair with the greyscale background!

  2. omg your pianoplayer showed up mine didn't lol, great pictures :)

  3. Aw, thanks! I should mention that the greyscale piano bar is a Garden of Dreams scene skybox.

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