Winter Wonderful

I can honestly say I do not know what winter looks like. Now, I've lived in snowy regions and I know that, yes, during my childhood, I was exposed to the fluffy white stuff of wintery goodness. Do I remember it? Vaguely and by vaguely I mean...vaguely. I was very young when my mother decided to plunk us down in the subtropics and we never went back to seasons. 

Fact: I danced around in snow for the first time in 25 years about three weeks ago when I sat with my dearest in a Perkins located in Stillwater, Minnesota. The day was dreary as all get out and it was raining. I was sitting across from him at the booth complaining about the flavor of the coffee and enjoying an omlette. I happened to glance up at the window in time to see the rain start flurrying sideways. Snow! It was snow, to be sure, but it wasn't the kind of snow that blankets the ground and stays there for the remainder of the winter. It never event touched the ground, but I still got to feel it drift through my fingers. Yes, damp cold snow flurries on the dreariest of days in a gloomy, unkept Perkins parking lot was probably one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while. 

Fur Poncho/Hat:    Orquiedea ~ Around the World
Sweater:    /Artilleri/ - Marius Knit Sweater (Green)
Jeans:    {mon tissu} - 1929 Cigarette Jeans (Ink)
Boots:    [GoS] - Equestrian Boots (Chocolate)
Hair:    Truth - Adeline (Cranberry) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (Pool)
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Peach)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - My Pretty Dress

SIM Location:    Magical Farm

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  1. I can't imagine not knowing what snow is like! But I can say, the snow where I live now is very different from the snow where I grew up. The snow here is like fairy tale, movie set snow. It's so light and fluffy! I'm glad you got the chance to feel some snow!

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