Wake the White Queen

All this time I have yet to make it to FAIR. It's not for lack of interest, it's just been one of those things I've not had a chance to do. #slackblogger. I went today, though. And though I have very little use for formal wear, I find myself going gaga over it. This dress from Apple May is probably one of the best pieces of mesh I've seen on the market. The textures are wonderful, but more importantly it moves very well and it was very fun to pose in. 

Truth came out with two new releases on Friday (which is known around the grid as Truth Day.) I'm still hoping one day he will make me a braid that goes down the back (yes, I know there are other versions of braids and braids from other hair makers) because I've wanted a 'cranberry' braid for forever now. Even though I'm still hopeful, I love it when he releases a more editorial hair such as this nice windswept coif. 

See my necklace and earrings? They are from the newest jewelry store on the grid. It's called Cae and you can find the location in the Truth District. Cae is owned by Cae Hancroft, the author of Simply Stylish. I've been following Cae's blog since I learned SL blogs existed. I've always loved her taste and style, which is classic and chic. Both of which have been inherited in her original mesh creations. Keep up the awesome work, Cae! 

Dress:   Apple May - Winter Formal Mesh Gown (Snow)~FAIR
Jewelry Set:    Cae - Timeless Set New!
Hair:    Truth - Nyx (Teal w/ roots) [HUD controlled barett] New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (Pool)
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Lashes:    Beetle Bones - Dainty Black
Skin:    Curio - Moonbeam Light (Red velvet 1)[Currently not available]
Pose 1:    Miseria - August Pose Set
Pose 2:    Picture This! Poses - Pretty Dress

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