The Booby Story

It's the latest craze. There's no denying it. They've been around for awhile now, but none have quite compared to the mesh Tango ta-tas from Lola. I'm talking prim boobies, ladies (and germs.) At first I just really didn't get the look. Avatar cleavage can certainly be boobalicious in certain skins so it's been pretty easy if you want to mingle around the grid as a busty bombshell, even if your breasts are sized to fit the extra small and small standard sizes of mesh. My normal skin from League always manages to impress me with two perfectly round, pushed up breasts that look great in just about any layer of clothing. 

Ah, but here are the tangos. I'm not sure when strutting around the grid with va-va voom curvature became the thing, considering we've all been cursed to hang around the previous major craze in SL shapedom - the pony rider.  

I've just never really been all that impressed with the whored-out slut-junk look that's common around the grid and I'll confess, I equated the tangos to just some novelty reduced to those who want to role play getting their titties knocked around by gigantic prim cocks. But they caught on with designers, and designers started releasing appliers - the layer that means exactly what it says. Suddenly, the grid is coming alive with gorgeous clothes, skin mods.. 

I'll admit, the first time I put them on, I was a bit blown back. But as I started to play with their sizes and textures, I'll confess they are rather fun. They are well made and very customizable. The HUD is a bit overwhelming at first, and if you're a very pale avatar, you're probably going to have a bit of trouble matching to your skin - something us lighter skinned avatars are familiar with. However, some skin makers have jumped into the tango boat and have released skin appliers that fix that issue. They can be shrunk down to a more modest size, which I have done for this photo, and of course they can be blown up to mega-boob size if you're trying out for SL's Next Top Porno Model. All and all, they are a fun product. It certainly makes going topless more interesting. 

Pants:    *BOOM* - Miami Linens (Cobalt)
Necklace:    KOSH - Noda Necklace ~ Together for Sway
Bracelet:    yoyo9 - Pearl2
Earrings:    :Fusion: - Hoop beaded earrings (Silver)
Heels:    Pixel Mode - Baby T's (Black)
Boobies:    Lolas - Tango Mesh Breasts
Hair:    Truth - Cece (Cranberry) New!
Nails:    Izzie's - Metallic Gradient Nails [HUD Controlled]
Eyeliner:    CheLLe's - French New Wave
Eyes:    IKON - Utopia Eyes (Pale Trojan Blue)
Skin:    PXL - Faith (Pale)
Pose: dfo - Gala

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