After post editing the hell out of a picture of my friend Scipio Zelin (thanks, Firestorm, for your grid lines and your shadow destruction), I thought maybe I'd write on the importance of friendships in Second Life. Scipio - or Skip as we call him in Ravenhurst - being one of my best friends on the grid. But the truth is the two of us were simply occupying space on SIM and I felt inspired to take his picture. Mostly because Skip is probably the most interesting looking avatar I've seen to this day. Not a lot of 50-somethings running around who dress this nice! So no, this post will not be an ode to friendships, nor will it be me gushing on and on with starry eyes about those in Second Life I cherish the most. Nope, I'm just going to lay these photos here because they need to take space on the internet. Skip is that awesome. 

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