Party Girl

The long awaited return of Curio Skins has come, but to mixed reviews. A lot of us are happy to see what was once a profitable business for someone be allowed back on the grid. Many of us are unhappy to see Hush Skins being cleared of any misdoings by Gala. In fact, most of us wanted to see the woman torched and forced off the grid. We all saw the proof of Hush's crimes, were appalled to see Gala kicked off the grid while Hush remained, and all wondered what this meant for content creation in Second Life. When Gala and Hush decided to agree on amicable terms that their creations were original, the lot of us balked, enraged over the One Voice efforts going to waste (because we wanted justice) and wondered why things had turned out this way. 

Personally? I stand by my purchases for the One Voice event. They cost me probably at max 10 real life US dollars, though I suspect the number is closer to 5. Some spent more, some spent less. The thing is, someone who made something we loved was unfairly under fire - because we all saw the proof of Hush not only ripping from Curio, but from League and Al Vulo as well - and removed from the environment that allowed them to earn a living. The money we raised help ensure that Gala was able to pay for her legal costs, which we are not privy too. I don't blame her for putting the ugly business behind her and because of the funds we all helped raise, she is back on the grid and selling her creations once again. 

To celebrate she has released a Megapack of her skins (all skin tones besides the gold tones and all makeups) called Party Girl. It looks pretty awesome on my Asian alt. You can get the skins by joining the group and searching the past notices. 

Welcome back, Gala. 

Dress:    (CM)Cracked Mirror - Resolutions Dress (Grey)~FaMeshed
Leggings:    Q - Studded Leggings 
Shoes:    DECO - Distressed Heel (Licorice)
Necklaces:    Maxi Gossamer - Paris Black Diamod [With Love Hunt]
Ring:    yoyo9 - Pearl
Hair:    Truth - Zuzka (Elvira) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal eyes (Black)
Nails:    Izzies - 80's Round Nails [HUD controlled]
Skin:    Curio - Party Girl (Moonbeam Dark Rave2)
Windlight:   Multiple


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