Old Man and the Sea
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Ahoy, ya landlubbers! You may be wondering who this fragile old man is; well, it's Xomar again. As I mentioned before, I have a few alts for roleplay purposes and this fellow, Skip Zelin, happens to be one of my favorites. (Keliah's favorite, too!) Since the month is ending tomorrow, I figured now would be the perfect time to rave about what was easily my favorite item available at the Men's Dept. This month; this amazingly detailed peacoat from Sleepy Eddy. Sleepy Eddy is a store I've been impressed with for some time, but they took their time entering the Mesh zone. However, that time was obviously worth it if they can continue to pump out clothing like this. The embossed buttons, the pocket details, the textures; it's pretty much the greatest coat you can buy in SL. Hell, I'd buy it in RL if I could find out. *searches eBay for several hours*

This peacoat put me in mind of an old salt fisherman, service in the navy far in his rear view mirror, eking out a living fishing along the eastern seaboard and probably hunting down man-eating sharks while he compared old wounds with upstart, preppy marine biologists. Of course, that's probably because I just watched Jaws which is still probably the best movie Spielberg ever directed. It beat the hell out of Lincoln, anyways. Of course, my sailor would most definitely have grounded his vessel somewhere and went down with his ship. FYI, the only ship I've ever been put in charge of managed to get grounded on the coast of Catalina island, so let's just say it's not that far off from reality. 

Jacket:     Sleepy Eddy - Peacoat Navy
Pants:    Ispachi - Executive Chinos
Glasses:    Mr. Poet - Half Rim Glasses
Pipe:    NikotiN - Godfather pipe
Hat:    CatniP - Captain Hat
Pose:    Self

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