Meet Sadie, a Mesh Hybrid

Second Life is still in the midst of a mesh revolution. Ruth, our SL standard avatar mesh, has experienced some serious upgrades over the course of the past two years. Sculpted feet became rigged mesh. Mesh hands replace the standard misshapen mess of system hands. Let's not forget mesh ears and, as of late, the mesh breasts. So, it's only natural that we now have mesh heads, perhaps the most notable being LOGO's 'Chloe'. This isn't about Chloe, though. This is about her sister Sadie, which was recently unveiled as Chloe's predecessor and will be for sale at Skin Fair 2013. 

Sadie and Chloe both are very fun products. After attaching all the appropriate parts (Lids, hairbases, lashes, eyes, brows..) you then attach the HUD. The HUD is an all in one tool for Sadie. It changes facial expressions, allows you to move the eyes,  and applies all the cosmetic changes to create your look. Plus, if you wish to purchase additional eyes or cosmetics they can easily be added to the HUD with the directions provided by LOGO.

Sadie comes with 6 body shapes. 3 Shapes for a size 0 body and 3 shapes for a size 16 body. In addition, there are different tattoo layers that you can apply to change the look of the abdomen, the nipples on the breasts, and the shading on the backside. I found the shadings on the skin to be very well done and detailed and enjoyed the options. I especially loved the sexy details of the neckline and collarbone. 

I do wish that the head was sized to standard size mesh. For instance, I wear XS typically, which has a body fat of 5. Small has a 7, Medium an 11. XS, S, and M are the more common shape sizes, XXS and XL being less common - so much that some designers do not make clothes to fit these sizes.

Another aspect I'd like to see added would be an add-on for freckles and facial markings such as beauty marks. 

Despite these minor woes, Sadie is beautiful. The rigging is perfect. If you buy the pack, it's really a steal considering the countless number of looks you can create. Add-ons are well priced. Check out LOGO at Skin Fair 2013. Not only do they have the Sadie and Chloe hybrids for the ladies, they have a good selection of men's skins. Maybe we'll see a men's mesh hyrbrid soon?

Skin Fair opens March 15th !

Necklace:    Cae - Sakura~The Liaison Collaborative New!
Hair:    Truth - Delia Streaked (Cranberry w/ roots) 
Skin:    LOGO - Sadie Mesh Hybrid Avatar (Bloom)~Skin Fair 2013

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  1. Hi! It's not the head that's new at the Skin Fair. That's been out a while. It's a makeup pack that they will be selling. You might mention how easy it is to add the makeup pack--just drop a script into the HUD and boom! It's there!

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