I Can Hear the Cicadas

Do you know what a cicada is? For a very brief time in my life, my mother moved my sister and I to Oklahoma where I first experienced the lazy summertime hum of cicadas, only we called them jar flies. Mostly because as children we liked to capture the docile bugs and put them in jars and keep them as very part-time pets. Jar flies sort of fascinated me because they were both ugly and adorable at the same time. What's also unique about them is that they shed their exoskeletons and leave behind perfect replicas of themselves which we loved to find in tree limbs and hold/examine them.

They have a very distinct sound that they make. It's a loud chorus of humming and the sound seems to just go along with the summertime heat. You know you're in late summer when the long days finally give over into evening and the sun goes down with the drowning choir of cicadas. I was reminded of this as I walked along Hazardous.

In case you've been under a rock, the grid is all about hair right now. Truth released five new beauties just as Hair Fair 2013 opened it's doors to the public. I'm wearing one of those new Truth's right now. It's called Chilali. It's super cute and way fun. If short hair is not your thing, there's a longer version called Mina.

Top:    Secret Store - Elsa Ruffled Shirt (Green polka) New!~July Collabor88
Shorts:    Mon Tissu - Cuffed Denim Shorts (Dark rinse)
Hair:    Truth - Chilali (Red 02) New!
Hands & Feet:    SLink
Eyes:    IKON - Ardent Eyes (Clarity)
Skin:    League - Jen (Medium Natural)
Pose:    [1] Picture This! Poses - Take a Lean [2] Picture This! Poses - Deux Models

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