See His Ship a' Sailin'

"...if I ever sail from olde Ireland, 
you'll mind that I not leave you behind."

Great news! FATEwear designer and ColdLogic collaborator Damien Fate has branched out into something very exciting - Role Play! I talk about Role Play often on my blog because I am a roleplayer in SL. I am very excited about this next project from Damien Fate. The dress I am wearing now is called the 'Wende' dress. It comes in a variety of colors as well as my favorite color - Fatpack. The great thing about this gown is that it comes in three parts. The sleeves are optional,the bodice is it's own piece as well as the skirt. This means you can swap out skirts and bodies in order to make a unique look. 

I've been seeing so much lovely fantasy and RP things on the grid lately that I'm almost tempted to do a blogger challenge. Maybe Storybook Saturday?

I needed to find a place to take my blog picture here. I was going to go atypical medieval, but as I was wandering around Maxwell Graf's Rustica, I saw the amazing mesh ships in the backdrop from where I stood. Instantly I was reminded of the song 'Kellswater', with my favorite rendition being sung by Loreena McKennitt.

FATEplay's doors open July 24th! 

Dress:    FATEplay - Wende (Sapphire bodice and skirt, V2 sleeves) New! 
Hair:    Alice Project - Willow [Low] (HUD color)
Eyes:    Slink mesh eyelids
Hands:    Slink 
Feet:    Slink
Pose:    Self
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair medium)

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