I Want to Believe

Every round of the Liaison Collaborative always seems to top itself with each new theme and the latest round of The Garden has proven no different! It's the best thing I've seen in Second Life in a long time with so many fun, exciting things centered around the current theme - Area 51. Creativity is at an all time high here! Not just with the color theme, but with the wide array of FUN items. I think my favorite items in this round are the flying saucers from Pixel Mode and the alien chairs from the creative team at 22769. There are also rideable rocket ships, playgrounds for children, an amazing build from Barnesworth Anubis, retro fifties items, desert themed furnishings, a trailer home from Cheeky Pea...the list goes on! Check out the Liaison Collaborative's blog for a complete list of participating stores.

Flying Saucer:    [PM] Pixel Mode - UFO Silver/Green New!~The Garden
Alien:    22769 [bauwerk] - Friendly Alien chair - Green New!~The Garden

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