These Boots Are Made for Something

Ever hear the song 'These Boots are Made for Walking'? It was sung by Nancy Sinatra back in 1966. It's sort of a dark little song in the wake of go-go pop music that topped the charts so long ago before there was internet and youtube. Hucci released these sexy black boots - in both leather and suede - and I feel as though they are certainly made for...something.

Boots:  ::HH:: Hucci - Akita Boots (Midnight) [Fits on Slink Medium feet] New!
Glasses:    Mad - Nerd Glasses (Black)
Hair:    Truth - Lyma (Red 02) New!
Hands/Feet:    Slink
Eyes:    IKON - Ardent Eyes (Glass)
Skin:     League - Jen (Fair Natural)

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