Defender of the City

It's release day for FATEplay and this round is all about magic. It's time to get your wands ready or your transformation gear because Damien Fate's current releases are all about Harry Potter and a personal favorite - Sailor Moon. Okay, so it's not /totally/ Sailor Moon, but the Rena releases are inspired by the senshi scouts from the very popular manga and anime series. Rena comes in the color schemes of our favorite gaggle of teenage girls including the outfit I'm wearing now. Each outfit comes with many options for sizing and a black and variant on the corset for something a little different.

Thunder! Heart! Power!

If you spin the wand, be prepared to shower your foes with love and justice.

Sailor Fuku Outfit:    FATEplay - Rena (Thunder!) New!
Hair:    Truth - Moxie (Sangria)
Hands:    Slink
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Green)
Poses:    [top] Picture This! [bottom] Included w/ wand

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