I Don't Need Wings to Fly

I was searching through the marketplace for Christmas decor. I really was. Except I didn't find Christmas decor. Instead, I found this gorgeous hair by Argrace. Materials ready hair specifically for photography. If that hadn't made my camera's night already, I also found this veil from LDG while browsing teleporthub.com, a website that advertises freebies and gifts. While the veil I used is not a freebie, I had to snatch it up. Especially if you love dance as much as I do.

This photo has nothing to do with dance and does not include the poses that come with Argrace's hair (by the way, the hair comes with poses!) The veil is no mod and comes with a pose built in, but using another pose overrides the one in the veil. Sadly, this would be a better product if the pose was mod, but I'm not complaining much. The veil has optional HUDs you can purchase for tinting and can be done with or without fringe.

UPDATE: After speaking with LDG's creator she updated her product to include a version without the pose built in so that it will be easier for photographers to utilize the product! How awesome is that?

Hair:    Argrace - Saki (True red) New!
Veil:    LDG - Arabian Veil Prop 3 (Tinted with HUD 2)
Eyelids:    Slink
Hands/Feet:    Slink
Breasts:     Lola Tango
Skin:    League - Jen (Natural)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses ~ In Motion 
Location:  Home

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