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Mesh is all the rage right now. I sort of wish I had been around the grid when sculpted prims invaded the grid so that I could have experienced that craze as well. Anyways, I have mixed thoughts on mesh right now. There's no denying that well done mesh clothing has amazing textures. Stores like Logic, Aura, and Maiteya has blown me away with some of their textures. Mon Tissu, too. I just don't want to acknowledge their terrible, terrible jeans - which aren't so terrible if you have that shape that looks live you've been plowed through the thighs and you suffer from Anorexia Nervosa...and yet your ass is wider than the state of Texas.

Yeah. Moving on. Behold! My first picture taken and edited in Photoshop CS5. I've been on Photoshop CS4 portable for the past year and have found it more than capable of making my snap shot dreams come true. I wasn't even going to upgrade UNTIL I learned of Content Aware. Content aware magically erases those futzy lines taken in hi-res snapshots. Interestingly enough, you can erase just about anything out of a photograph with this handy tool. I'm definitely going to have fun with that feature. I haven't watched any videos yet nor have I explored more options save my usual go-tos when editing a second life snap shot. However, it looks like I can make mesh and 3d sculpts with this new software upgrade. Um, can we say awesome? Yes! Will I venture into that? I don't know. I am kind of lazy.

So, mesh. Yeah, some of it I love. Some of it I don't. Here are two pieces that do I love. What's even better is that the top was free. The skirt? Close to free. I believe it was for $45.00L. If you love these items, then put on your hunting gear. And thank you, Xomar. For telling me about the shirt.

Top:   Cold Logic {The Fresh Unknown Hunt} -Free-
Tank top:   Jane! {Milk} -Free subscriber gift-
Skirt:   Siss Boom {Rummage Sale Maxi} -Store hunt-
Feet:   Slink v2 sculpted feet
Nails:   Izzie's French Nails
Eyes:   IKON
Lashes:   Redgrave
Hair:   Magika
Skin:   Curio
Pose:   AAA

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