White Roses

I was so disappointed in Mon Tissu's latest release of mesh jeans - because not all avatars have the tiny, skinny legs, the squashed, tiny ass, and a set up hips that are so fucking wide...okay, sorry. I'm ranting. Mon Tissu, could you make a mesh for us regularly shaped avatars? Meanwhile, I've been working on my photo studio. Gathering textures here, making prims there. Finding suitable props. Messing with my poses. Then I came across the pose I got from Captivity Co. and I was inspired to do a little photo shoot. I don't have actual talender flowers, but I have these white roses. High res shots available in my Deviant Art.

The talender, fixed in her hair, is a slave girl’s wordless confession,

which, commonly, she dares not speak, that she cares for her Master.
Hunters of Gor 

Skin:  Curio {Petal}
Hair:   Truth
Poses:  (In order) Captivity Co., MP, and Vista

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