My First Official Post

Not that I expect to get many readers. I'm doing this mostly for my own entertainment. See, I really enjoy taking photographs and putting things together. Might as well document these things for my own perusal for later.

Lets see, I've been in Second Life for little over a year now. I can't believe how fast time goes when you're purposefully wasting it on fictional writing and pixel shoe shopping. I initially came to Second Life because of the Gorean community, having once been apart of the Gorean roleplayer community on AOL Gor, which is purely chat based.  I always had a load of fun on AOL Gor and my personal friendships - some of which continue on in Real Life - were already fulfilling and enough to not make me stray from that community. I didn't officially sign up for Second Life until I met a man at one of our local munches. For those of you who do not know what a munch is, a munch is a friendly, casual meeting of like-minded BDSM participants. He described Second Life as an educational gateway to seminars and classes which was really intriguing to me.
So, I signed up and was immediately distracted from my original intent of pursuing more knowledge because I found Redgrave, a store with skins and clothes. I immersed myself and all my newbiness in the first roleplay SIM I stumbled across: Ravenhurst.

Ravenhurst is my primary reason for being on Second Life. I enjoyed shopping, but it wasn't my drive to be here. I didn't really have the graphics capabilities for amazing pictures at the time of joining so that wasn't much of a time waster either. Nope, Second Life was mostly about my character - Keliah Angelis - and adapting her into a new role with amazing writers. Two of those amazing writers sort of captured my heart and have become my family here. I couldn't ask for better friends.

Now to the good stuff.

So yesterday I had an amazing day at the Collabor88 event. I love Collabor88. Some of the favorite things in my inventory come from there (like the LISP Bazaar piano.) Also, Tres Blah usually shows off an item or two and I love Tres Blah. I've been looking for longer jean shorts for awhile now. It's like they were reading my damn mind. Now, if Truth would just put out a braid that goes down the back...

Top:   Tres Blah for Collabor88 Ombre Tank {Forest} with mesh attachment
Shorts:   Tres Blah for Collabor88 Board Shorts {Ocean}
Shoes:   Ingenue Organique flats {Straw} mesh
Bracelet:   Earthstones Peace Friendship bracelet - Free groupgift -
Necklace:   Earthstones Peace & Love necklace - Free groupgift -
Hair:  TRUTH Gianna {Cranberry}
Skin:  Curio Yum {Petal}

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