I Officially Made Something

I've always relied on Xomar, my amazing friend, to put things together for me when the need arises. He's very handy that way and he makes really great things. Plus, I think he likes it.

I was inspired by my trip to Collabor88. There was an amazing mesh tree for sale along with the cutest of bedroom sets from Cheeky Pea - which is now become my favorite store. Just sayin'. The bed is wonderful. The animations? Adorable. So I went to the store and filled up the place with Cheaky Pea things, though the kitchen counters are from What Next.

So here's my house that I put together. I made the grass texture, the raven art, and the pictures. Everything else is the result of me learning how to put together a scene for a rezzer.

Living room:    Cheeky Pea
Dining room:   Cheeky Pea
Kitchen:   {What Next}
Bedroom:   Cheeky Pea at Collabor88

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