Hair Fair Contest 2012

Here is my entry, or rather one of them. I probably shouldn't share this information in order to increase my chances of winning. I mean the prize is early access to the hair fair! That's a great prize! However, I think I enjoy looking at people's submissions and braving the lag more than enjoying the perks of no lag. Art lasts forever, or at least the digital variety carries on longer than an event.

Official Hair Fair Photo Contest 2012

This year's theme is: Freedom. My dear girlfriend's six year old daughter died this past weekend to Neuroblastoma. Horrible, horrible disease. It's a rare childhood cancer and the survival rate is pretty slim. Needless to say, Lilly became another statistic and I watched the sad tale of her diagnosis shift into an early death. As horrible as all of that is, at the very end of her life, her eyes lit up as if she saw something pretty amazing, and then she asked whoever she was staring at if she was going to fly. See, she always wanted to be able to fly. Right after that, she slipped away...and she was free. Free of pain, free of sickness, and free of  fear. I hoped she saw an angel. I pictured her leaving that sterile hospital room and stretching out her new wings, relieved and simply free.

Hair:    Exile - Ariel (Dark Reds)(Cranberry)
Dress:    Amerie - Mesh Long Dress (White){Mesh}
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam)
Wings:    Material Squirrel - Raphael Angel Wings
Lashes:    Slink - Closed eyes {Mesh}
Eyebrows:    Mynerva - #2 (Dark Red)
Pose:    Self

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