Dilly Dolls Bot Babe

The latest released from Dilly Dolls includes a healthy quantity of one of my favorite things: Thigh high boots. For some reason, I slip on a pair of thigh high boots and I feel like saving the galaxy from an epic enemy force. I feel like a super hero. A sexy super hero. But, that's just me. The boots come in plenty of vibrant colors and metallics.

Dilly Dolls also released eyes. I've been debating: I am not sure if I can really compare mesh prim eyes to prim eyes to system eyes, because my normal every-day system eyes seem to catch as much light as mesh ones. Nonetheless, I have a huge inventory of eyes. I love them! They change the entire look of your avatar which is awesome for photographs and themes. These are the Kell, which are color change via a HUD. But, I loved the dollish look of the white the most.

Boots:    Dilly Dolls - Lani Boots Light (Blue) {Mesh}New!
Body Suit:    MdC Ballet top - White
Bracelets:    [sYs] Holotattoo - (Former hunt item)
Droid markings:    iLogic - Complete Dermal Android System
Pelvic Panel - *Six* - Pevis panel MK iII
Hair:    Truth - Jessie (Smurf)[Free group gift]
Eyes:    Dilly Dolls - Kell Eyes New!
Lashes:    Redgrave - Natural
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Poses:   [MotivAction] - Individual female poses

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