500 Lindens, You Say?

If it weren't for Lexie Vaher and Xomar Mycron, I probably would have never heard of freebie shopping. Nor would I have realized that there is a world of amazing freebies out there ripe for the picking, and if you know where to go, and where to get things, then you can easily make an avatar for under 500L. And now it's been issued as a challenge. Maribel Button has laid down the gauntlet. Challenge accepted.

This look costs well under $500.00, but it's not totally free. For one, the skin comes from Mynerva. Technically, it is a free item, but you must join the group to get it, which is a whole whopping 50L to join. On top of this skin, there are two other skins up for grabs, a shape, cleavage options, and some cosmetics. So it's a pretty sweet deal. The other item that is not free is the belt from Nyte n' Day. It costs a whole 95L.

Please note: The shorts are a Depraved Nation Summer Love hunt which ends on 07/15/2012, so they will not be available for much longer. However, there are free denim shorts at COCO that would still give you the same 'look'. COCO's group is free to join.

Total avatar costs? L145.00

Join the 500L Avatar Challenge

Top:    Jane - Intrinsic tank (Milk)[Free subscriber gift]
Shorts:    22769 - Hotpants{Mesh}[Depraved Nation Summer Love Hunt 06/15/12-07/15/12]
Belt:    Nyte n' Day - Ginger Belt (Brown)[95L]
Sandals:    J's Gift Flop Flop {Mesh}[Group Gift]
Necklace/Earrings:    Miel - UVA [Free subscriber gift]
Hair:    Truth - Jessie (Walnut)[Free subscriber gift]
Skin/Makeup:    Mynerva - Sara [Group Gift - 50L to join]
Eyes:    Mayfly - Liquid Light (London Fog) [Free at store and marketplace]
Eyelashes:    Maitreya [Free group gift]
Poses:  [Croire], Adorkable

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