All it Takes is One Voice

Today I saw Curio's update on her website stating that just a little over $10,000.00 has been raised in her benefit. To me that's just effing awesome. So many people care about content and creation! And I'd love to see the look on Hush's face knowing that the community is behind Gala Phoenix %100. That's one mighty middle finger, Hush Darkrose!

I'm not really a part of the content creation community. I don't have the skills to make mesh and frankly I prefer to not learn them. Why? Because I love shopping and supporting those who make far superior items than I. I have poses that are self made, sure, but there are so many pose stores out there on the grid that I'd rather part with my Lindens in support of their work. In other words, I'll probably never have my own store, but I'll happily blog about the works of others while my avatar struts around the grid looking posh and put together.

I am, however, a part of the Role Play community. I came to Second life in February 2011 after my text-based RPG had ended in AOL. I decided one day, out of sheer boredom, that I was going to join Second Life and see what was up. The first store I found was Redgrave (after visiting the various freebie stores put out at newbie locations) and so I returned there when it was time to get a skin, which was Jessica. First hair? Adele by Truth Hawks. From there my love of shopping grew, but I always felt something was amiss with my avatar because my character that I had painted, drew, and imagined for over a decade was not quite right.

So, one day, out of boredom and the desire to get my small town Americana vampire to look her proper role, I took my friends around the grid while they patiently watched me try on demo after demo. Enter Curio and the perfect Skin: Yum. It was exactly how I envisioned Keliah all these years. Here, on my computer screen, was a match to the girl who starred in my paintings and sketches. From that day on I became a Curio fan. The texture, the shading, the colors... If Curio doesn't come back with her store, I fear the end of an Artist's journey. Painting skin isn't easy. Painting fantastic skin is definitely not easy. I don't want to see an artist fall of the grid. I don't want to see injustice prevail.

Top:    Fri.day - Ballet Tee (Black stripe) One Voice
Skirt:    Ingenue - Adela (Noir) {Mesh} One Voice
Jewelry:    Aubade - One Voice
Hair:    MINA - Charlize (Dark reds)
Shoes:    [PM]Pixel Mode - Baby T's (Black)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Light)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Soft Majorelle){Mesh} One Voice
Pose:    dfo Don't Freak Out - Gala poses ~ One Voice

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