Hair Fair

I did it. I braved the Hair Fair 2012 and managed to get into two SIMs today, the Flower and the Garden. I'm actually kind of shocked. It was tough work to get into a SIM, but once I was finally able to teleport in the lag wasn't all that bad. Many people have remarked on the lack of detail and 'prettiness' of the build this year in comparison to last year. I think this years is much more efficient, and because it is less detailed I think this helps with some of the lag.

Many people were smart to not render themselves at all. I, for one, went completely in the buff minus a full-body alpha layer. Too there were "box cars" about the SIMs for avatars to "ride" on. Rather, prim boxes to sit on and then move via the edit menu as sitting on an object makes you part of the grid rather than something in it. As the hair fair goes on, I'll be blogging about my favorite buys.

Colors ~ !Lamb
This first hair is from Colors. It's a slightly mussed, angular bob cut. Very fictional Japanese. I look like a cartoon character, but I love the textures of it all the same and the Dark Red color is pretty close to my preferred hair color. This hair was actually one of the many freebies offered up to shoppers. The next hair is from !Lamb. I saw the pink version on Plurk and knew that it had to be mine. It's really gorgeous. 

Kik ~ LeLutka
So far, my favorite thing about Hair Fair 2012 are hair makers that I've never seen before. Kik would be one of those stores I have not heard of. The best part of Kik is that you get two styles for the price of one, so the updo that I have on in the picture has a slightly different counterpart sitting in my inventory. I love this updo. It's very old fashioned, which I love. Lastly, the scarf from LeLutka. Hair Fair in Second Life is not just a gaggle of SIMs for all of us to spend all our lindens. Much of the profits go to Wigs for Kids, a charity that helps children with medical conditions that cause hair loss. From burns to cancer. Really, any charity that helps children? Those deserve our dollars.

Hair Fair 2012

Top Photo
Hair 1:    Colors - Free Demo (Dark Red) [Hair Fair 2012]
Hair 2:    !lamb - Wild at Heart (Resturant Ketchup) [Hair Fair 2012]
Top:    Mon Tissu - Lollia Tank (White)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capris blue)
Lashes:    Maxi Gossamer
Skin:    Curio - Yum II (Petal light)

Bottom Photo
Hair 1:    Kik - Gisele 1 [Hair Fair 2012]
Hair 2:    Lelutka - Faith Scarf [Hair Fair 2012]

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