Hair Fair {2}

I was able to hit the Sand SIM today! I thought I'd never get in, but I did. I seriously can't wait to get in when the most of SL has already been and the lag isn't so terrible because I know there are more freebies to be gotten and I still have yet to hit one of the SIMs.

LaViere ~ Clawtooth
I wanted to talk about the LaViere hair. It's actually my favorite hair thus far from Hair Fair 2012. I love the softness around the face. It's casual. It's feminine. It's long. The textures are awesome. Also? It's free! Yes, it's their free gift to Hair Fair shoppers this year. Up next is Clawtooth, because everyone who knows me knows I'm dying for a braid that goes down that back. Now, if these two hairs would have a baby...

My second favorite hair thus far from Hair Fair 2012 is this whimsicial nod to older times. I love this hair because I love medieval things. I love fantasy things. This hair is a roleplayer's dream updo. Plus, I love the whisps of hair. Very feminine.

Hair Fair 2012

Top Photo*
Hair 1:    LaViere - Irisia (Raspberry) [Free gift]
Hair 2:    Clawtooth - Going Steady (Red Eye) 
Top:    Cynful - Rara Top (Mint)
Eyes:     Negapossi - Azur
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam)
Lashes:    Redgrave - Natural
Poses:    Adorkable - Handbag

Bottom Photo*
Hair:    Sugarsmack - Elan (Red Delicious)

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