My Care is Like My Shadow

My care is like my shadow laid bare beneath the sun
It follows me at all times and flies when I pursue it

Those are lyrics from the television series "The Virgin Queen", which was a series about one of my favorite characters in history: Queen Elizabeth. This song, sung here by one of my favorite groups, the Medieval Baebes, has been stuck in my head now for days. So, I thought I'd take a photograph inspired from pictures of Queen Elizabeth. This actually turned out to be harder than it looked, but I finally managed to come up with something that inspired me enough to pull out my camera.

At first I searched the grid for a castle to pose in, but eventually I found myself in T-Town, which is an alternate portal of amazingness should you happen to drop by Pixel Mode. 

Dress:    Evie's Closet - Tuala (Antique)
Circlet:    ~Soedara~ - More than a Circlet (Milk)
Hair:    Sugarsmack - Elan (Fig) ~ Hair Fair 2012
Eyes:    Negapossi - Vampire eyes (Onyx)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Light)
Pose:    Purple Poses - Nancy 

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