Off to Find the Arc, brb!
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

You may all be wondering, "What's with this strikingly handsome male suddenly gracing this blog? Where's the redhead with the big tits?" Well, allow me to introduce myself; the name is Xomar. Consider me a change of pace as I help out my good friend Keliah with a male perspective. She begged me for weeks to offer my style advice and I kept telling her, "Kel, you can barely handle this whole package here; what makes you think your audience can do the same?" But, she kept up her begging as she's wont to do and I couldn't help but toss her a scrap or two.

All the men gazing at this photo must be asking, first of all, "How did I end up on this chick blog? There's not even any nudity!" Once they have recovered, they're probably asking, "Xomar, how can I look as awesome as you?"

To which I must sadly shake my head and answer, "That's obviously impossible. I mean, let's face it. I'm pretty much perfect. However, you can improve yourself and at least dress like me."

Speaking of dress, I'm wearing this shirt/shorts combo that Keliah graciously pointed out to me. It appears the talented creator of the Cold Logic line is dipping his toe into menswear with the newly formed store Fate, and as I can never resist a well made freebie, I was happy to model the outfit for her. The textures and shadowing on the shirt is quite remarkable, including a bulging at the chest area as though my rippling muscles are about to burst through and cause a riot, as they are wont to do on occasion. The shorts compliment this top with their utilitarian cargo style with an understated camo design.

I decided to add my Rerty retro camo high tops to complete the look, which, to be fair, can complement any outfit. From casual to formal, you really can't go wrong with shoes like these, unless it's a funeral. I may have just made up that rule, but it sounds pretty damn good, so let's go with it. Besides, how many funerals are you going to be attending in SL? These shoes are pretty much bulletproof. (Warning: Will not stop actual bullets.)

In conclusion, I'm very much excited for the opening of Fate as it appears to be a very promising store for men that have some semblance of fashion, i.e. don't wear skirts and long, flowing Fabio style hair. Xomar out.

*drops the mic and tries to figure out where the hell he is.*

Shirt/Shorts:     FATEwear - Carter [Subscribe Gift]
Shoes:     Rerty - SNeakers Box R Pump
Glasses:     Blitzed - previous hunt gift

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