I Don't Always Wear Full Perm, but When I do...
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Since Keliah missed my colossal presence so much (only slightly smaller than my ego), I've thrown together another post for her to dump onto her blog whenever she gets around to it. I believe she told me my last submission was great filler to which I responded, "Of course it's great. Consider the source!" Anyways, I've seen these mesh robes floating about in various places and finally stumbled upon the original template full perm version from Meli Imako. Like any red blooded American male, I've always looked upon Hugh Hefner with awe (well, until he turned into a decrepit little muppet who's still getting laid like tile as long as he has his Viagra), so the idea of lounging around bedraped in the mantle of King of Poon appealed very much. The problem was that I could not find a robe colored to match my ridiculous argyle slippers. Full perm to the rescue! As far as being a builder, I know only enough to completely ruin any item I have that's mod, but I have managed to figure out how to tint colors properly and presto, change-o, the exact robe that I want. 

Now, I can't be sporting a robe just anywhere. There's a fine line between what Hefner does and that crazy old homeless guy on 4th and Spring who wanders around in a disheveled, brown bathrobe screaming obscene retorts to the voices in his head. That line is, of course, money. To paraphrase Tony Montana, first you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women. He also said 'say hello to my little friend,' which seemed oddly appropriate while gyrating your hips in a robe. But I digress. I picked up this skybox at the past August Collabor88 by Barnseworth Anubis called Fabienne pied-a-tierre. What does that name mean? Hell if I know, but it sounds foreign and we all know chicks dig European accents. Well, except for the German, because, let's face it, they're just frightening to listen to. Where was I? Oh, right, the skybox. It has the high ceilings and molding of an old European apartment or high end hotel room like something out of a House Hunters International episode. 

Sometimes after a hard days work, all you need is a comfortable robe, slippers, a glass of scotch, a smoke, and nubile redhead sexily wrinkling up your favorite shirt. The mileage on the redhead may vary, but in this case I have Lexie doing the honors. Luckily, she's wearing another full perm creation by Meli Imako called Ladies Men's shirt, which is much better than my actual one. She's pretty terrible at ironing, you see.  

Robe:    Meli Imako - Full Perm Rigged Mesh Men's Bathrobe Set- Fashion Kit
Linen Pants:    Willow - old hunt gift
Slippers:    Epic - old hunt gift
Cigarette:   NikotiN - Cigarillo Gold
Glasses:    ISON - Quinton Glasses

Shirt:    Meli Imako - Full Perm Rigged Ladies Men's Shirt
Panties:     None, because that's how she rolls

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