This is Supposed to be a Post about the Arcade...

...but it's turning into a letter to my SL boyfriend instead. Ant, because you are taking a break from plane making and reading this, the biggest thing that attracted me to Second Life is because it's like and adult version of Barbie Dolls. And by adult I don't mean pervy stuff, though plenty of people on Second Life certainly love to do dirty things and that's awesome - What I mean is the dress up. The skins, the hairs, the clothes. 

But, it's become so much more than that. If I didn't have this second life hobby, I would have never met you, and meeting you has really made my whole second life. Scratch that, it has made my real life that much more enriching. I love your texts throughout the day. I love our time together. I love the sound of your voice. I love that you love cats, airplanes, and get excited over fun, silly things. I love that I may have won your heart (I'm talkin' freckles here) over a Silly Walk AO and a pair of Groucho glasses.

All that romantic stuff I just wrote totally justifies me dedicating this post featuring frontal nudity to you. 

Mouse Ears:    Auxiliary - White #03 for The Arcade
Hair:    Truth - Winona (Pearl w/roots) 
Eyes:    IKON - Kaleidoscope (Night)
Lashes:    Beetle Bones - Dainty Black
Skin:    Glam Affair - Roza #07 for The Arcade
Pose:    Magnifique Poses - Big or Small Save Them All

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