Miami Vice
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Hello peeps; Xomar back again for another round of partially informed reviews by people far more talented than I am. I'd like to say that I felt the need to review more of FATEwear clothing out of a sense of duty, but it's mostly because this particular outfit gave me 80s flashbacks to when Don Johnson was cool and, more importantly, thin. The white sportcoat with t-shirt combination totally screams out Miami Vice, so I decided to try my best to imitate Tubbs and Crocket as best I could. 

As with all FATEwear clothing, the mesh item itself is practically a work of art, and the textures, while being as cold and sterile as a 70's Sci Fi movie costume, still look amazing. My only complaint with the coat is the European cut. I hate sport coats with one button and the rear vents are way too close to the middle of the jacket, two vents also being a little too Eurotrash for me. Then again, some jackets I've seen don't even have a vent, which makes you look like you just bought a crappy 90's suit from the Men's Wearhouse. The lapels on this coat are a little too wide for the style it's going for, but it's easy enough to overlook. I would have preferred to have the t-shirt tucked in for that 80's look, but the untucked shirt is just the right length, being out for that casual feel, while being short enough to remain under the coat; the modern high/low style that's so popular in men's fashion nowadays.

The slacks are also nicely textured with a more casual break in the pant length, looking a little more rumpled and devil may care than, say, Hoorenbeek's dress pants. I finished it off with a pair of boat shoes from Gabriel and, of course, no socks. Funny  how that trend has made an appearance once again. If you wait around long enough, your clothes and fashion will always come back in style. Except for giant shoulder pads. Those will never come back. The 90s were just an abomination.

Of course, putting this look together, I felt like I was missing something. You can't have Sonny Crocket without Rico Tubbs! It's like peanut butter without jelly, Lewis without Clark, Lindsay Lohan without gonorrhea. I thought about contacting Philip Michael Thomas, because after looking at his IMDb page, I'm pretty sure he was available. But, he's also old, so I'd probably have to teach him how to use a computer and what these internet tubes are all about, so it was easier to just to get another stand in. Cheaper, too. But, probably not by much.

Sonny Crocket
Jacket/T-shirt:  FATEwear - Chung Blazer/Shirt
Pants:  FATEwear - Christopher Pants
Shoes:  Gabriel - Mesh Boat shoes (group gift)
Glasses:  Hoorenbeek - Risky

Rico Tubbs
Jacket:  Epicosity - Suit (Black)
Shirt:  Redgrave - Classic business shirt
Pants:  Hoorenbeek - Mesh Suit White
Shoes:  FIR & MNA - The Emilion Shoes

Poses: Self

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