Ahoy, Me Hearties!
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Ahoy, ya land lubbers! Captain Xomar back for 'nother round of sartorial nonsense for the beauty with the most impressive treasure chests that keeps the wind a blowin' and the grog a flowin', Keliah. Speaking of which, I think I need some alcohol. 

*heads into the bowels of his ship and fiddles with his bunghole.*

Alright, where were we? Oh, right, it's talk like a pirate day and I'm already exhausted with the silliness of it all, Especially since pirates didn't talk anywhere near like they do in the movies. Nor did they actually make people walk the plank or bury treasure to be found by later generations of Goonies to save their towns from development. In fact, almost every cool thing that pirates are associated with is all bullshit. Why are they so popular, I hear nobody asking? I'm going to go with their fashion sense. Peg legs, eye patches, and puffy shirts make quite the statement.

Now, I've been many things in SL, Russian spy, asshole, vampire, giant asshole, Gorean outlaw, unrepentant asshole, but pirate is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, there haven't been a lot of quality swag for pirating over the years. However, with the magic of mesh, I've found what has to be the best pirating get up amongst the seven seas...of Marketplace. The store Snatched created by Braydon Randt, an old acquaintance from my Gor days (ZAO represent!), has this awesome outfit simply called Buccaneer. It comes in several different colors; I'm wearing the natural version with a basic white shirt/brown pants combination. If there's anything to complain about this item aside from the laughably bad mesh beard (have they made a beard yet that doesn't look like you skinned a Loraxx and glued it to your face? if so, I haven't seen it) is the fact that your midsection is rather, uh, meaty. Let's just say you'll feel like maybe you should cut back on the grog and start jogging or something.

Either way, get in the spirit and strike a jaunty pose on a barrel before yer keelhauled, ye scallywags!

Outfit:    Snatched - Buccaneer (Naturals)
Pose:    Self

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