I Think I'm Turning Japanese..
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Xomar back for another unnecessary fashion post. What's that, you say? I don't look like Xomar? Well, this true. Actually, there is so much concentrated awesomeness within me that had I attempted to bottle it all inside just one avatar...we're talking the equivalent of a star collapsing on itself and sucking all of Second Life into a black hole of nothingness. I couldn't bear to be the destruction of the internet's most popular fake clothing shop outside of World of Warcraft, so I've been known to create a few alts. They actually come in pretty handy for roleplaying...and you know, hiding for psychopathic exes. 

*Waves to his psychopathic exes*

Meet Jubei, my Japanese vampiric Yakuza boss who runs a club within the realm of Raven City, formerly Ravenhurst. His story is quite the tapestry of intrigue and adventure, but I'm not going to tell you about that. I know; that would be way more interesting than what I'm wearing, but sorry, blog rules and all. Send all complaints to Tits McGee.

Bare Rose was one of the first shops I discovered in Second Life when I joined...holy shit, it's been 6 years!? What have I been doing with my life?! 

*sobs in the corner for an hour*

Sorry, where was I? Oh, right, Bare Rose has long been a source for inventive and extremely affordable outfits, geared more towards roleplay fantasy and sci fi wear. I'd say high quality too, but, well, it's sort of hit or miss, really. However, with prices from 150-200 Linden for complete outfits, you'll rarely feel like you were ripped off like you would from other shops. It seems they've finally gotten into the Mesh game and so far I'm rather impressed. 

As I mentioned, they're very good for various RP outfits, especially if you're looking for any sort of Japanese/Anime appearance. I decided to go with the samurai because, let's face it, samurais are awesome. I know some people will go on about ninjas, but samurais have always had a soft spot in my heart since I read Shogun back in Jr. High. Their code of honor, known as bushido, was so powerful that they had the will to commit suicide, or seppuku in the name of their lord or daimyo to defend it. Of course, most of it is bullshit, historical revisionism during World War II in order to push forward on their drive to conquer all of Asia, but it's still pretty bad ass. Plus, Star Wars is basically a rip off of a samurai movie by the great Japanese director Kurosawa, The Hidden Fortress. So, it has that going for it, too. Everyone loves Star Wars...at least until Lucas ruined it with the prequels and than set fire to the legacy of Indiana Jones. But I digress which is distracting me from getting a refill. Sayonara, peeps.

Xomar (Jubei)
Outfit:    Bare Rose - Kokubyaku Mesh
Sword:    EZ Shinoken Katana
Skin:    Prodigal - Sho (fair)
Hair:     Amacci - Rune (Black)
Feet:    Coco Designs [Group Gift]
Pose:  Self

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