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I saw on the Stores and Creators group a noticed from Cracked Mirror. I've blogged and been a fan of a few of Cracked Mirror's things, but when she stated how proud she was of her latest mesh creation for FaMeshed, I knew I had to get over and score me a copy (okay, a fatpack) of these amazing dresses. It's a very classic piece. Very preppy. Just a long, button-up shirt dress with a clever little argyle vest to go over. It can be worn as a dress - and is indeed marketed as a dress - but you can see that I layered it with my favorite pair of 'vintage' jeans from Mon Tissu. 

Another item I loved from FaMeshed is the Nicky hair by Wasabi Pills. I don't normally wear Wasabi Pills on Keliah because of the color. The reds are too dark, the colors pack is a bit too bright - though when I do get Wasabi Pills hair, I get the funky colors pack because the red is more vibrant. I couldn't pass on Nicky. I love the headband, the textures..all of it. I especially love the little wisps of hair going on. 

Top/Dress:    Cracked Mirror - Woolsworth Dress (Black and White)~ November FaMeshed
Jeans:    {Mon tissu} - Lou Lou (Used)
Boots:    G Field - Wedge Bootie "Beth" (Black)
Necklace:    ::PM:: Purple Moon - Idril Necklace w/ Malachites 
Hair:    /Wasabi Pills/ - Nicky (Flaming Cherry)~ November FaMeshed
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes (Pale Azure)
Hands:    Slink Mesh Hands
Eyeliner:    L. Fauna - Megawing Liner
Lashes:    Beetle Bones - Mesh Lashes v.01 Dainty Black 
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Pink Champagne)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Here I Am

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