Accidental Elle

I accidentally purchased Elle. I know, I know. You're wondering how did I do this? Well, I'll tell you. You see, the LAQ's new Essentials store was packed with people! I thought I was innocently picking up a mere demo to squirrel away and save for a later time when home alone, where I wouldn't be competing for load times, scripts, and managing lag.

Yeah, I didn't do that. I grabbed the lightest tone of Elle instead! Woops! So, grudgingly, I tried it on. There's no denying the fact that LAQ skins are wonderfully done when looking at past skins. LAQ was one of the first heavy players that I tried, but they just never worked well with my shape and I fell in love with Curio shortly after.

I thought for sure the new skins would not sit right on my face, but I'm blog Sheeple. I follow along with what everyone else does and went to demo the skin (and then accidentally purchased it.) As you can see, the skin is amazing. The detail on the the nose is really something. Especially the light on the tip. There's just something about it that looks very photo realistic to me. The same goes with the grain.

I'm not going to delve too much into the rest of the body because faces are the deciding factor for me. At first I didn't much care for the mouth. The default color of lips on Elle is odd to me (it's a very pasty pink), but the awesome thing about the new LAQ Essential skin lines is that it does away for the need for fatpacks for different make-ups. For a modest price, you can mix and match varying lips, nose shadings, and make-ups. Here I am with a dark, smokey eye and a dramatic kisser.

It should be noted that this picture is most raw. I did liquify the nose edges a bit as the outline of the shoulders. Other than that, I did not enhance shading or highlights like I normally do with my photographs.

By the way, IKON is pushing the photorealism up a notch with a new line of eyes.

Update: This picture is now featured at IKON's mainstore. 

Necklace:    Caroline's Jewelry - Audrey Pearl Necklace (Black-Silver)
Skin:    LAQ - Essential Elle (Tone 1.0) New!
Eye make up:    LAQ - Essential Eye 02 New!
Lips:    LAQ - Essential Elle Lips 03 New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (Green) New!
Lashes:    Beetle Bones - Mesh Lashes (Dainty Black)
Hair:    Truth - Cheyenne (Cranberry)
Pose:    Self

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