Give Me Some Skin, Baby

Pink Fuel

Glam Affair


Laura Hurley

Alright guys. If you're like me, then you're a skin junkie. I love skins. They change the entire look and feel of your avatar. I especially love it when I can get quality, artistic skins for a great deal or discount. I have a couple of alts that I use for RP purposes and for the most part I don't like to spend a lot of linden on them. The first thing that grabbed my attention from the With Love Hunt by Chic Management is that there were plenty of skins to be had. When we create a new account in Second Life, the one thing we really want to invest in is a good, decent skin. If you don't have a lot of money, skins from hunts and promotions are a great way to grab a skin for little linden. So, I took my alt out on a skin shopping spree. All these skins were only 10L a piece and all by quality designers. Also, I got to sample Laura Hurley for the first time as well as Essences, skins that I have never tried before. 

All of these skins are beautiful. The PXL skin is well done and the grey undertones of the skin almost make my alt look a little glam-vamp. The Laura Hurley is ultra sultry, the Glam Affair soft and romantic. My favorite is probably the Essences skin mostly because of it's versatility. This is a great skin because it doesn't have a lot of make up and the lips are a soft pink. You can easily use cosmetics to change your look if you need to and Essences even has free lipsticks at their Jersey Store location. 

Full coverage of the With Love Hunt is available on Seraphim SL.

This last skin is the December Group Gift for Al Vulo. I love this skin because of the soft lips and the eyeliner, which is a look I sport often in RL. The freckles are well done. This is a great skin for a redhead! If you have the Lola breasts, there is an applier to go with it. Best of all this skin is free. It's probably one of the prettiest Al Vulo skins I've yet to own and it didn't cost me a single Linden. 

Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Celtic Green)
Lashes:    Redgrave - Natural Lashes
Hair:    Truth - Tammy (Ivory)
Shape - Body Doubles - Liv Taylor (Modified slightly)

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