Pose Fair Preview - Just Visiting

When I first started making poses, I wanted to make poses that would inspire beautiful photographs. However, I got more into making poses for bloggers - and mostly ones that were more useful to me than others. Pose fair is giving me a chance of breaking away from that stigma and really pushing my personal envelope into more artistic and inspiring animations. Here is a first preview of one of the many variants of this soft sit. 

I spent awhile trying to figure out where to take my picture, and my adventures had me scoping out older faves (with some of them closed) and seeking out newer sims. My favorite groups to hunt down SIM locations are [SL] Blogger Support's Simwide Locations , Second Life - Beautiful SIMs, and the SL Tourist Board. I ended up finding a beautiful artistic, expressive waterscape SIM called Just Visiting.

(Speaking of photographs, when I look at this photograph I feel a sense of pride. I am pleased with how far my editing skills have come over the past few months. #Tootingmyownhorn)

Dress:    Baiastice - Aida Dress (White)
Hair:    Lelutka - Salome (Nutcracker)
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Eyelids:    SLink Mesh Eyelids
Feet:    Gos Boutique
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Pose:    Picture This Poses! 
Windlight:    Gwen's Light

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