The Hair I've Been Waiting For

Since I joined Second Life almost two years ago, I have been searching for one hair style above all others: A single braid that goes down the back. At the time, my best choice was either a flexi braid from Analog Dog or a sculpted braid from Truth. As you can imagine, both did not have the desired effect I was looking for. The flexi braid often vanished inside my body; the sculpted braid was stiff as a board and worked only for photographs. 

I had some braid options that were more natural looking, but these styles were over the shoulder. I waited, and I waited. When Second Life became mesh capable, I waited in anticipation. A braid - just a simple braid - that hangs down the back. 

It took awhile for that to happen, though I was continually exposed to over-the-shoulder braids from the hairdressers of Second Life. Every so often a down-the-back braid would appear, but it would lack realism. Or the bangs would be blunt and straight. 

At long last I finally got the hair I've been looking for. Truth Hawks released 'Laurie' last Friday. Not only does it have a more natural bang, but the braid itself is long, well textured, and not oddly tapered or too thick. 

Towel:    Dutchie Wearable Towel 
Hair:    Truth - Laurie (Cranberry) New!
Hands/Feet:    Slink
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Pose:    Primping [Part of the Dutchie Mesh Vanity]
Windlight:    B5 - Shadowdancing

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