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If you're a SL shopper, blogger, creator, and just into parting ways with your lindens, chances are you look at second life feeds. Mostly? It's how I shop. I love looking at feeds! The other day I saw a blog with flannel overshirt, which is something I've been looking for my Ravenhurst vampire for awhile. At lease, one that is well textured and fits well. I've run into problems with sculpted collars and cuffs, so I never did find that awesome flannel shirt until a few days ago. Score! So I went to the store to BUY THAT SHIRT RIGHT AWAY and found a polethera of urban style mesh. 

Top:    NyTrO - Mesh Shoulder Sweater (Red stripes)
Jeans:    Doppleganger - Worn Jeans (Light grey)
Belt:    Pepper - Snippet Belt [Past hunt gift]
Boots:    Duck Nipple - SLX Outfit Kit 
Necklace:    Duck Nipple - SLX Outfit Kit
Bracelet & Boombox:    yoyo9
Hair:    Magika ~ Free subscriber gift
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes (Pale Azur)
Nails:    Leverocci - Round nails (Emerald Glitter)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Magnifique - Dark Brick Wall

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