The Isle of Pandateria

I would guess that the most popular draw of Second Life is the role play community. I first learned of Second Life back when it first came out from the Gorean AOL group I used to play with, but I didn't join Second Life until 2010 - for RP. Pandateria is a new ancient times RP SIM, centered around, you guessed it, the Isle of Pandateria. 

Pandateria is also known as Ventotene, which was an isle made of the ancient remains of a volcano. Ventotene was a place of exile; a prison of sorts for nobles and commoners alike. 

From the WikiPandataria is best known as the island to which the emperor Augustus banished his daughter Julia the Elder in 2 BC, as reaction to her excessive adultery, where she was to spend five years, and to which Tiberius banished his grandniece Agrippina the Elder in 29 AD. She perished, probably of malnutrition, on October 18, 33 AD. After Agrippina's son Gaius (better known as Caligula) became emperor in 37 AD, he went to Pandataria to collect her remains and reverently brought them back to Rome. Agrippina's youngest daughter, Julia Livilla was also exiled to Pandateria twice: the first time by her brother Caligula for plotting to depose him and the next time by her uncle, the emperor Claudius, at the instigation of his wife, Messalina, in 41 AD. Sometime later, she was discreetly starved to death there and her remains were probably brought back to Rome when her sisterAgrippina the Younger became influential as the emperor's wife. Another distinguished lady of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Claudia Octavia, who was the first wife of the emperor Nero, was banished to Pandateria in 62 AD and executed on the orders of her husband.

Pandateria was a vacation destination for Roman elite, but the isle proved to be too inhospitable for residence due to it's steady commerce of pirates and it's exposure to the sea. "Life on Pandateria was harsh.  There was little there. A prison, a few vacation villas and the sea. Nothing more."

The Second Life setting of this place in history takes off from the 37 AD, after Caligula collected Julia's remains. It boasts a small village, a few villas, a prison, and a den for the pirates. The build of the SIM is extensive, perfect with it's detail, and inspires the imagination. Players of Pandateria can choose from several 'classes', including citizens born to the isle, exiles, pirates, and prisoners. If you are interested in joining the brand new Role Play community, than check it out. Notecards on the different roles as well as a history of Pandateria are available at the welcome area. 

Dress:    ::Elysium:: - Cleo Dress (Purple Plain White)
Armlet:    ~Soedara~ 
Shoes:    Slink - Ilena Sandals (Brown)
Hair:    Analog Dog .b - Five (Punch)
Eyes:    IKON - Destiny Eyes (Ice)
Hands/Feet:    SLink
Skin:    League - Jen (Sunkiss Natural)
Pose:   Picture This! Poses - Deux Models (1)

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