Breakfast at Keliah's

Blogger Strawberry Singh posted a fun challenge. Make a movie poster! I've always wanted to recreate a Breakfast at Tiffany's picture, but never got around to it. I initially tried to include Cat, but my zooby cat is just too big and a bit too orange. I almost lost this image, too. A random thunderstorm blew right through and just as I was hitting the 'save' button on my photo, my power flickered off. I hit save at just the right time!

Dress:    (CM) Cracked Mirror - Audrey Dress (Black)
Gloves:   *BOOM* - Dame Elbow Gloves (Coal)
Jewelry:    DF Donna Flora - Mirella Set (Gold)
Cigarette:    [NikotiN] Cig_Lady_Black
Pose:    Self

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  1. One of my favourite actresses and movies. You did her proud :) Glad you beat the thunderstorm!

  2. So glad you saved just in time, love this one!

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