Cowgirl Up

I really just wanted to blog a story that was inspired by Truth Hawk's brand new style of hair because I thought it was that amazing, and I just didn't want to make a 'look'. My SL Family and I really love dressing up in themes (actually, my sister has a pretty rockin' cowgirl outfit already) just for the sake of dressing up in themes. It's fun! And it's also a big part of SL! Be what you want, right?

The problem was that I didn't have a horse. How can I be a proper cowgirl without a faithful steed? I mean sure, there are prop horses out there for posing (yeah, I have them) and plenty of beautiful static horses out there (pretty much from the same mesh model), but that's not what I wanted. So, I bought a few cheaper ones (one was 9L) and picked up a free one somewhere, but the problem is the tail on this particular mesh model and my graphics card. They don't seem to be friends and pictures with said mesh model just look terrible.

Eventually I found myself with three choices: Amaretto breedables, AKK horses, and Realistek. I really love the Realistek model. I tried it on, played with the poses, drove the demo all over the SIM, and thought it was pretty awesome for being so old school SL. Then? The price tag. The price tag! $12,000L was pushing the envelope. Okay, it was more like destroying the envelope. No way was I paying that much money for something in SL. The Amaretto horses are cute, but they look strange. Like a cartoon rather than an actual horse. So it went down to AKK. Again, it's a very outdated product in terms of it being all sculpty parts, but it's still a decent looking horse and comes with poses and walking animations. It's also cheaper in the store than from the hefty $2,500L that's on the marketplace, which is still seriously pushing the envelope on things that I would purchase for SL. However, as Dannika Dryke told me, "The things we do for pictures..."

Despite my overly drawn out horse-shopping-spree, I had a lot of fun doing this blog post. Why? Because I made a new friend today. Rather, Ich habe einen neuen Freund heute. That's what Second Life is all about. That and Truth hair. I can't think of a better way to end my 200th post by saying how much my friends in Second Life mean to me. I love you all. Almost as much as I love my Truth hair.

Top:    e! Eclectic Apparel - Jillaroo Shirt (Tan)
Jeans:    L&B Lapointe and Bastchilde Mesh Jeans (Faded Blue)
Boots:    [HANDverk] - Western Ankle Boots (Rust)
Hair:   Truth - Jill (Red 02) New!
Hands:    SLink
Eyes:    IKON Ascension Eyes - Evening New!
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)

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