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52 Weeks of Color: Tea Green

I just love doing the 52 weeks of color. Anything that give me an excuse to go point and shoot I'm all over, really. How was I missing the first few weeks? Yikes! I think my friend Shayne and I look more minty than tea, but that's alright. We still look adorable.

Top:   Grixdale (Store closed)
Jeans:   Maitreya skinny jeans {Mesh}
Shoes:   G Field
Skin:   Curio
Hair:  Truth

Shirt:   Schadenfreude
Jeans:   Hoorenbeek
Shoes:   Gabriel


Oh My Jeans!This post is for you, Dannika Dryke

I have a friend who I call my toast twin. She roleplays in the same SIM as I do, has red hair, wears Curio skin, and has blue eyes - so naturally, she's gorg. The two of us are fashion friends! So when I was telling her my woes of Mon Tissu's mesh jeans, she fixed me right up by dangling the ad for the Maitreya mesh jeans in front of my face. They came out today. I braved the lag to get there. Make sure you join the VIP group while it's still free and pick up the free mesh skirt! IT'S AMAZING!

Sweater:   Artilleri
T-shirt:   Armidi
Jeans:   Maitreya {Mesh}
Feet:   Slink {Mesh}
Hair:   Truth
Skin:   Curio
Pose:   Adorkable


Gloomy Sunday

Today I bought a table and chairs for my new Skyloft at a store called Post. Ever been? Wonderful store. Especially if you're Catholic or enjoy a somber, rustic din to your home. It's also raining there. Lovely place.

Sunday is gloomy;
my hours are slumberless.
Dearest, the shadows I love with
are numberless.


Sweater:   Mon Tissu {Mesh}
Tank:   Jane! -Free subscriber gift-
Jeans:   Cynful
Umbrella:   Salt
Hair:   Truth {Mesh}
Eyes:   IKON
Lashes:   Redgrave
Skin:   Curio


Fresh Mesh

Mesh is all the rage right now. I sort of wish I had been around the grid when sculpted prims invaded the grid so that I could have experienced that craze as well. Anyways, I have mixed thoughts on mesh right now. There's no denying that well done mesh clothing has amazing textures. Stores like Logic, Aura, and Maiteya has blown me away with some of their textures. Mon Tissu, too. I just don't want to acknowledge their terrible, terrible jeans - which aren't so terrible if you have that shape that looks live you've been plowed through the thighs and you suffer from Anorexia Nervosa...and yet your ass is wider than the state of Texas.

Yeah. Moving on. Behold! My first picture taken and edited in Photoshop CS5. I've been on Photoshop CS4 portable for the past year and have found it more than capable of making my snap shot dreams come true. I wasn't even going to upgrade UNTIL I learned of Content Aware. Content aware magically erases those futzy lines taken in hi-res snapshots. Interestingly enough, you can erase just about anything out of a photograph with this handy tool. I'm definitely going to have fun with that feature. I haven't watched any videos yet nor have I explored more options save my usual go-tos when editing a second life snap shot. However, it looks like I can make mesh and 3d sculpts with this new software upgrade. Um, can we say awesome? Yes! Will I venture into that? I don't know. I am kind of lazy.

So, mesh. Yeah, some of it I love. Some of it I don't. Here are two pieces that do I love. What's even better is that the top was free. The skirt? Close to free. I believe it was for $45.00L. If you love these items, then put on your hunting gear. And thank you, Xomar. For telling me about the shirt.

Top:   Cold Logic {The Fresh Unknown Hunt} -Free-
Tank top:   Jane! {Milk} -Free subscriber gift-
Skirt:   Siss Boom {Rummage Sale Maxi} -Store hunt-
Feet:   Slink v2 sculpted feet
Nails:   Izzie's French Nails
Eyes:   IKON
Lashes:   Redgrave
Hair:   Magika
Skin:   Curio
Pose:   AAA


White Roses

I was so disappointed in Mon Tissu's latest release of mesh jeans - because not all avatars have the tiny, skinny legs, the squashed, tiny ass, and a set up hips that are so fucking wide...okay, sorry. I'm ranting. Mon Tissu, could you make a mesh for us regularly shaped avatars? Meanwhile, I've been working on my photo studio. Gathering textures here, making prims there. Finding suitable props. Messing with my poses. Then I came across the pose I got from Captivity Co. and I was inspired to do a little photo shoot. I don't have actual talender flowers, but I have these white roses. High res shots available in my Deviant Art.

The talender, fixed in her hair, is a slave girl’s wordless confession,

which, commonly, she dares not speak, that she cares for her Master.
Hunters of Gor 

Skin:  Curio {Petal}
Hair:   Truth
Poses:  (In order) Captivity Co., MP, and Vista


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

52 Weeks of Color this week gives a nod the true color of Ireland: Blue. Or rather, Saint Patrick's Day blue. I have to confess I love blue, but I had a hard time with this challenge. I'm not sure I am happy with my picture as an entry save for the fact that it's a great picture as it is. Many of the photographs I took today had super splotchy shadows. Sometimes Second Life does that to me and then sometimes not.

Dress:   Wippet and Buck {From Tightwad's Bargin}
Pearls:   [PM]
Hair: (Man, I wish they'd start making hair again)
Skin:   Curio {Petal}
Eyes:   IKON
Lashes:   Damned


Last of the Fotoscope

Here is the third entry for Fotoscope. Hopefully I win! A special thanks to Nazeeya Yven for being my desert dancer. I don't know how to properly credit this photograph as I do not know the skin and the like, but I can gush about this lovely silk from Soedara. Have you ever been there? I told Xomar it was the kind of store that makes me want to get on my knees and speak in the third person - even though I'm not really into Gorean kajirae speaking in the third person. Soedara has the best dancing silks in my opinion. And? I love the siriks.


Fotoscope Contest

Okay, I just want to win! Here are my entries - and only one more to do. I had an awful lot of fun roaming Fotoscope's amazing SIM, which is devoted to the Second Life photographer. More information can be found about the contest on their group flickr including their website and SURL:

One last swim before sunset

Dance among the flowers

Top Photo
Bikini:   Shiki
Hair:   Elikatira
Skin:   Curio
Poses:   *MP*

2nd Photo
Top:   Mon Tissu
Skirt:   Fishy Strawberry
Skin:   Curio
Hair:   Truth
Poses:  aDorkable


52 Weeks of Color

I'm late on that challenge train and I couldn't ask a more difficult color to work with as I do not care for aquamarine all that much. At least the tinge that's more green rather than pool blue. Still, I managed. Here is my submission. I chose the top as my official picture.

Top:   Mon tissu {Mint} -Mesh-
Undershirt Tank:   Jane! {Marine} -Free subscriber gift-
Necklace:   Earthstones Aculo -Free group gift-
Hair:   Elikatira {08}
Poses:   E.Ink {Cutie}
Eyes/Lashes:   Redgrave {Ice}(Came with the Jessica skin pack)


Exiled Mesh

I think hair designers have collaborated their release days in order to make us hair junkies part with all our linden. I can't say that I've been enjoying mesh hair all that much. Preferably, I enjoy Truth's flexi hair the most. Especially their latest things. In certain lights it just looks so real and moves so beautifully. But, this post isn't about Truth, it's about Exile and their fantabulous mesh hair. On the mesh circuit, I think Exile leads the way in texture. The newest release (pictured top) is so va-va voom beautiful that I had to get it. The pig tails are by far my most favorite mesh hair on the market right now and you can get them for free if you subscribe to Exile's list. They are blonde, but mesh is tintable. I tinted them to a fitting shade of red.

Hair:   Exile - Take it Off (Rouge) {MESH}
Skin:   Curio -Yum II (Petal)

Hair:   Exile - Bring it On {Mesh} [Free subscriber gift]
Skin:   Curio Yum II {Petal}
Top:   Mon Tissu Lollia tank {Cream}


I Officially Made Something

I've always relied on Xomar, my amazing friend, to put things together for me when the need arises. He's very handy that way and he makes really great things. Plus, I think he likes it.

I was inspired by my trip to Collabor88. There was an amazing mesh tree for sale along with the cutest of bedroom sets from Cheeky Pea - which is now become my favorite store. Just sayin'. The bed is wonderful. The animations? Adorable. So I went to the store and filled up the place with Cheaky Pea things, though the kitchen counters are from What Next.

So here's my house that I put together. I made the grass texture, the raven art, and the pictures. Everything else is the result of me learning how to put together a scene for a rezzer.

Living room:    Cheeky Pea
Dining room:   Cheeky Pea
Kitchen:   {What Next}
Bedroom:   Cheeky Pea at Collabor88


My First Official Post

Not that I expect to get many readers. I'm doing this mostly for my own entertainment. See, I really enjoy taking photographs and putting things together. Might as well document these things for my own perusal for later.

Lets see, I've been in Second Life for little over a year now. I can't believe how fast time goes when you're purposefully wasting it on fictional writing and pixel shoe shopping. I initially came to Second Life because of the Gorean community, having once been apart of the Gorean roleplayer community on AOL Gor, which is purely chat based.  I always had a load of fun on AOL Gor and my personal friendships - some of which continue on in Real Life - were already fulfilling and enough to not make me stray from that community. I didn't officially sign up for Second Life until I met a man at one of our local munches. For those of you who do not know what a munch is, a munch is a friendly, casual meeting of like-minded BDSM participants. He described Second Life as an educational gateway to seminars and classes which was really intriguing to me.
So, I signed up and was immediately distracted from my original intent of pursuing more knowledge because I found Redgrave, a store with skins and clothes. I immersed myself and all my newbiness in the first roleplay SIM I stumbled across: Ravenhurst.

Ravenhurst is my primary reason for being on Second Life. I enjoyed shopping, but it wasn't my drive to be here. I didn't really have the graphics capabilities for amazing pictures at the time of joining so that wasn't much of a time waster either. Nope, Second Life was mostly about my character - Keliah Angelis - and adapting her into a new role with amazing writers. Two of those amazing writers sort of captured my heart and have become my family here. I couldn't ask for better friends.

Now to the good stuff.

So yesterday I had an amazing day at the Collabor88 event. I love Collabor88. Some of the favorite things in my inventory come from there (like the LISP Bazaar piano.) Also, Tres Blah usually shows off an item or two and I love Tres Blah. I've been looking for longer jean shorts for awhile now. It's like they were reading my damn mind. Now, if Truth would just put out a braid that goes down the back...

Top:   Tres Blah for Collabor88 Ombre Tank {Forest} with mesh attachment
Shorts:   Tres Blah for Collabor88 Board Shorts {Ocean}
Shoes:   Ingenue Organique flats {Straw} mesh
Bracelet:   Earthstones Peace Friendship bracelet - Free groupgift -
Necklace:   Earthstones Peace & Love necklace - Free groupgift -
Hair:  TRUTH Gianna {Cranberry}
Skin:  Curio Yum {Petal}