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Bandana Day

Today is Bandana Day - the official ending day of Hair Fair 2012. So much money has been raised for Wigs for Kids. Creators and shoppers, I salute you...via this pose from Nani Poses, soon to be released for the Vintage Fair. 

Top:    Geometry - Petunia Tank (White)
Trousers:    Jane - Easy Day Trouser (Black)
Bracelet/Earrings:    Aphrodite Fashions - Goddess Dark Silver Link
Bandana:    Fulo - Theda (Violet)
Nails:    Izzie's - French Nails
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Lashes:    Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Pose:   Nani Poses - Pinup 06 ~ Vintage Fair New!


Show Your Pride

I am not really a sports fan. Sure, events are fun to go to sometimes and if you have a favorite team it can be pretty exciting to sit in the stadium and root, root, root for your home team (see what I did there?), but I've just never really been into it. When I was a child, my mother enlisted me in all the junior sport teams and I just never really cared and so I was put in the furthest spot on the field where my fantastic imagination was free to wander and dream. I hate sports on television. The commercials and advertisements have more airtime than the sport. It makes me want to tear my eyes out with a spoon. 

However! I don't feel this way about the Olympics. I love to watch the Olympics because to me it's so much more than watching some sporting event. The Olympics represent world unity in my eyes. The people who compete against each other seem to genuinely care for their fellow Olympians. Iranian competitors compete alongside with Americans and there's no politics - just two people trying to do their best and win pride for their country while competing in an event who's history nods all the way back to ancient Greece.

Indrya Originals' latest release is dedicated to team pride. Which country are you rooting for? Technically, I am an American (though I could get away with wearing the German jersey, too). I am proud of our Olympians. I want them to succeed and take pride in their skills and feats. But, I'm the type of person to root for everyone. I see someone pushing themselves, I'm there with my cheers. I don't care who wins the medal. Go humanity! 

And pick up this sporty, fun outfit! It comes with all the flags and a fun little hat.

Tank/Shorts/Socks:    Indyra Originals - I (heart) Unity (USA) New!
Shoes:    JP Designs - Chelsea Seakers (White) [Free group gift]
Hair:    Truth - Gabriel (Cranberry) [Former Collabor88 item]
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Pose:    Embody - Breakaway 



Hot off the press! Summer is sizzling hot in Boom's new bikinis, which come in a TON of patterns and colors! I love the chevron prints the best. I also love the fun, flirty ties at the hips. Very cute! Special thanks to Poly Pistachio for posing with me. 

Bikini: *Boom* - Ellio Bikini Set (Birds)(Coral) New!
Sunglasses:    Avenue- Amarelo Manga
Hair:    Sugarsmack! - Lila [Old hunt item]
Skin:    Saisah [One Voice Event]
Pose:   Magnifique - Muchachas

Bikini:    Ellio Bikini Set (Chevron)(Navy) New!
Sunglasses:    Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (Brown lenses)
Hair:    Truth - Kami (Cranberry)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Freckles:   L.Fauna
Pose:   Magnifique - Muchachas


Urban Confidence

I'm making a pose ad for my (maybe) up and coming store. The pack celebrates confidence. I was not sure what to wear, though. Just what is lying in my inventory that exudes confidence? And then I thought this bright yellow tracksuit from Nytro would do beautifully. And it does. Hard to pass up a girl (or a bloke) in bold, big colors.

Tracksuit:    NyTrO - Complete Joggin Suit (Yellow)
Undershirt:    Sakide - Stretched tank (White)
Shoes:    Hoorenbeek - Nylon Trainers
Necklace:    Je Suis - Voyante Necklace
Hair:    Truth - Enisa (cranberry)
Nails:    Candy Nail - Basic Prim Nails (Red07)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Picture This! - Bold Confidence


Light Lacey Laces

Corsets aren't just for the macabre and the goth. They don't belong soley to the realm of fantasy and history. Corsets are chique and make a statement. Everything from power to romance. Dilly Dolls has a line of mesh corsets that not only fit beautifully, but come in a ton customizations. The HUD allows the wearer to change the colors, the laces, the piping, and the eyelets and each version of the Dola Corset comes with a good pick of colors, though I like to keep things simple and stuck with cream lace all around.

Corset:    Dilly Dolls - Dola Lace Corset (Light) New!
Skirt:    Celoe - Nikka Skirt (White)
Pearls:    Maxi Gossamer - South Sea Pearls (White)
Necklace:    Je Suis - Leah Necklace 
Hair:    Magika - After New!
Skin:    Belleza - Blance Neige
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Poses:  Top:    Picture This! - Quiet Confidence  Bottom:  Adorkable - 25 Days


52 Weeks of Color: Aqua Island

Top:    {Mon Tissu} Peplum Top (Beige/Cream) [VIP Group Gift]
Jewelry:    MIEL - Uva Necklace [Subscriber Gift]
Hair:    Truth - Eden (Cranberry)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Bloggers Delight


It's Pixel Perfect

I tried out a new look. Tan, brown hair, and green eyes. I think I scared all my friends by straying away from my red-headed self, but I had a reason! See, I was modeling my own poses for my own ad and thought, hey, I should probably look a little different than normal. Whatever excuse I could give myself to buy the latest release from Truth.

This jumpsuit from ColdLogic is ultra chic. I paired it only with the bracelet I bought at JeSuis, who's inventory is currently marked down 60%.  

Jumpsuit:    ColdLogic - Cohen.Plum
Shoes:    G Field - Alex Patent Pumps (White)
Bracelet:    Je Suis - Tente (Sky)
Skin:    Glam Affair - Roza (Natural) ~ July Collabor88
Hair:    Truth - Milly (Honey) ~ New!
Eyes:    Mayfly - Liquid Light (Forest Green Shadow)
Eyeliner:    A&M - Feline
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Quiet Confidence


New from NyTro

If you're a SL shopper, blogger, creator, and just into parting ways with your lindens, chances are you look at second life feeds. Mostly? It's how I shop. I love looking at feeds! The other day I saw a blog with flannel overshirt, which is something I've been looking for my Ravenhurst vampire for awhile. At lease, one that is well textured and fits well. I've run into problems with sculpted collars and cuffs, so I never did find that awesome flannel shirt until a few days ago. Score! So I went to the store to BUY THAT SHIRT RIGHT AWAY and found a polethera of urban style mesh. 

Top:    NyTrO - Mesh Shoulder Sweater (Red stripes)
Jeans:    Doppleganger - Worn Jeans (Light grey)
Belt:    Pepper - Snippet Belt [Past hunt gift]
Boots:    Duck Nipple - SLX Outfit Kit 
Necklace:    Duck Nipple - SLX Outfit Kit
Bracelet & Boombox:    yoyo9
Hair:    Magika ~ Free subscriber gift
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes (Pale Azur)
Nails:    Leverocci - Round nails (Emerald Glitter)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Magnifique - Dark Brick Wall


Look What I found at a PreFab Store

I am a busy girl and I have so much stuff to blog! But, I wanted to take a moment and show you this wonderful dress I found at PreFab/Furniture store. See, my friend Shayne, my shopping partner and fellow roleplayer, was looking for a new skybox. So he asked me (because I have a bajillion) where to get one. To the market place I went, searching through my favorite prefab stores and offering up links for his review when I came upon one prefab store called *bbqq*. I hadn't been there before so I had to go check it out. It's a cute store with equally cute prefabs. Softly lit with chiffon curtains, vintage textures, and weathered, wood floors. She had some sofas and other cute things, and then? Then she had this dress. It's sort of vintage and whimy like the rest of her store and I find it to be rather adorable. 

Dress:    *bbqq* - Vintage Lace Dress
Boots:    *Crazy* - Charro Boots
Jewelry:    Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal Set (pink)
Hair:    Analog Dog - Issues (Dark Reds) ~ Hair Fair 2012
Nails:    Synthetique - Ultimate French Nails Series
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Deep Sea)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Atooly - Pose Set 21-25
Background:    Barnesworth Anubis - Songo Courtyard


My Care is Like My Shadow

My care is like my shadow laid bare beneath the sun
It follows me at all times and flies when I pursue it

Those are lyrics from the television series "The Virgin Queen", which was a series about one of my favorite characters in history: Queen Elizabeth. This song, sung here by one of my favorite groups, the Medieval Baebes, has been stuck in my head now for days. So, I thought I'd take a photograph inspired from pictures of Queen Elizabeth. This actually turned out to be harder than it looked, but I finally managed to come up with something that inspired me enough to pull out my camera.

At first I searched the grid for a castle to pose in, but eventually I found myself in T-Town, which is an alternate portal of amazingness should you happen to drop by Pixel Mode. 

Dress:    Evie's Closet - Tuala (Antique)
Circlet:    ~Soedara~ - More than a Circlet (Milk)
Hair:    Sugarsmack - Elan (Fig) ~ Hair Fair 2012
Eyes:    Negapossi - Vampire eyes (Onyx)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Light)
Pose:    Purple Poses - Nancy 


Big Dangly Bits

Check out my dangly bits. These earrings are from the current round of Perfect Wardrobe. They come in two metals, gold and silver. I thought they were pretty interesting and warranted the modest price of $25L. 

Top:    Ripped - Lagoon Outfit (Black)
Earrings:    Wertina - Crochet Earrings (Gold) ~ Perfect Wardrobe
Hair:    [kik] - Gisel3 1 (04) ~ Hair Fair 2012
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes V2 (Pale Azure)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Self


What's Your Hair?

It's the season of hair in Second Life with the unveiling of Hair Fair 2012, so in the spirit of hair I asked on Plurk: What is your one go-to hair and why? Mine is Truth's Francesca. It's an older hair, released last year. I love this hair. Honestly, I've tried to replace with with a mesh version, but I find that I can not. The reason why I love this hair so much is because I envisioned it as my role play character's natural hair. As much as she might pin it up and tuck it away, in actuality she has long, flowing curls as befitting someone from a past era. This hair is classic story book, and what's best about it is that sits away from the shoulders and tumbles down the back, which makes it good for photographs. 

In this world of mesh, I still hold onto my flexi/sculpt coifs. They have movement, and in some cases, a little more realism. They also do not have alpha layers that can interfere with photos.

So what is your favorite hair? What is it that you love about it?

Top:    Hucci - Glimpse Halter (Ocean Side)
Necklace:    Aubade ~ One Voice
Hair:    Truth - Francesca (Cranberry)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Azur
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Lashes:    Maitreya [VIP Group gift]
Pose:    Purple Poses - Nancy pack


52 Weeks of Color: Persian Rose

It's time for another round of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color. I love this week's color because I love pink. Problem is that I don't own a lot of it. See, it sort of clashes with my righteous red hair. I was pondering what I'd have to buy in order to do this challenge, and as I was meandering by The Sea Hole's display at One Voice, I saw this sparkly sweater just waiting for me. Plus, it was a One Voice purchase. I win!

Like my setting? Pose and prop is currently for sale at iBang poses.

Top:    The Sea Hole - Sequin Sweatshirt (Babrie Car) ~ One Voice
Tank top:    Jane - Intrisnic Tanks (Strawberry) [Free subscriber gift]
Jeans:    Maitreya - Flare Jeans #5
Hair:    Elikatira - Flattery (08) ~ Hair Fair 2012
Skin:    Glam Affair - Giselle Light 
Eyes:    Poetic Colors - Aurora ~ The Mens Department
Lashes:   Redgrave - Natural
Pose:    iBang - Shine On


Hair Fair {2}

I was able to hit the Sand SIM today! I thought I'd never get in, but I did. I seriously can't wait to get in when the most of SL has already been and the lag isn't so terrible because I know there are more freebies to be gotten and I still have yet to hit one of the SIMs.

LaViere ~ Clawtooth
I wanted to talk about the LaViere hair. It's actually my favorite hair thus far from Hair Fair 2012. I love the softness around the face. It's casual. It's feminine. It's long. The textures are awesome. Also? It's free! Yes, it's their free gift to Hair Fair shoppers this year. Up next is Clawtooth, because everyone who knows me knows I'm dying for a braid that goes down that back. Now, if these two hairs would have a baby...

My second favorite hair thus far from Hair Fair 2012 is this whimsicial nod to older times. I love this hair because I love medieval things. I love fantasy things. This hair is a roleplayer's dream updo. Plus, I love the whisps of hair. Very feminine.

Hair Fair 2012

Top Photo*
Hair 1:    LaViere - Irisia (Raspberry) [Free gift]
Hair 2:    Clawtooth - Going Steady (Red Eye) 
Top:    Cynful - Rara Top (Mint)
Eyes:     Negapossi - Azur
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam)
Lashes:    Redgrave - Natural
Poses:    Adorkable - Handbag

Bottom Photo*
Hair:    Sugarsmack - Elan (Red Delicious)


Hair Fair

I did it. I braved the Hair Fair 2012 and managed to get into two SIMs today, the Flower and the Garden. I'm actually kind of shocked. It was tough work to get into a SIM, but once I was finally able to teleport in the lag wasn't all that bad. Many people have remarked on the lack of detail and 'prettiness' of the build this year in comparison to last year. I think this years is much more efficient, and because it is less detailed I think this helps with some of the lag.

Many people were smart to not render themselves at all. I, for one, went completely in the buff minus a full-body alpha layer. Too there were "box cars" about the SIMs for avatars to "ride" on. Rather, prim boxes to sit on and then move via the edit menu as sitting on an object makes you part of the grid rather than something in it. As the hair fair goes on, I'll be blogging about my favorite buys.

Colors ~ !Lamb
This first hair is from Colors. It's a slightly mussed, angular bob cut. Very fictional Japanese. I look like a cartoon character, but I love the textures of it all the same and the Dark Red color is pretty close to my preferred hair color. This hair was actually one of the many freebies offered up to shoppers. The next hair is from !Lamb. I saw the pink version on Plurk and knew that it had to be mine. It's really gorgeous. 

Kik ~ LeLutka
So far, my favorite thing about Hair Fair 2012 are hair makers that I've never seen before. Kik would be one of those stores I have not heard of. The best part of Kik is that you get two styles for the price of one, so the updo that I have on in the picture has a slightly different counterpart sitting in my inventory. I love this updo. It's very old fashioned, which I love. Lastly, the scarf from LeLutka. Hair Fair in Second Life is not just a gaggle of SIMs for all of us to spend all our lindens. Much of the profits go to Wigs for Kids, a charity that helps children with medical conditions that cause hair loss. From burns to cancer. Really, any charity that helps children? Those deserve our dollars.

Hair Fair 2012

Top Photo
Hair 1:    Colors - Free Demo (Dark Red) [Hair Fair 2012]
Hair 2:    !lamb - Wild at Heart (Resturant Ketchup) [Hair Fair 2012]
Top:    Mon Tissu - Lollia Tank (White)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capris blue)
Lashes:    Maxi Gossamer
Skin:    Curio - Yum II (Petal light)

Bottom Photo
Hair 1:    Kik - Gisele 1 [Hair Fair 2012]
Hair 2:    Lelutka - Faith Scarf [Hair Fair 2012]


Shopper on the Prowl

Today's a great day! TOSL is rolling out with a new week of goodies. The exceptionally stylish clutch from Je Suis is probably my most favorite item on the list. There's a handbag too, but I'm really digging the clutch. Subscribers to Hucci were treated with the latest gift. This mesh top is loose, cool, and tucked in to look extra blousey.

Top:    ::HH:: Hucci - Ramara Top (Stripes) {Mesh} [Free subscriber gift]
Jeans:    Jane! - Sweet n' Low jeans (Classice) {Mesh}
Belt:    *BOOM* - Lynx Skinny Belt
Clutch:    Je Suis - Sauvage Clutch (Tiger) {Mesh} [TOSL]
Necklace:    Miel - Cue
Sandals:    COCO - Thong Sandal (White)
Hair:    Truth - Francesca (Cranberry)
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Bleached Blue) [Free group gift]
Skin:    Curio - Yum II (Petal Light Frex)
Nails:    Synthethique - Ultimate French Series {Mesh}
Lashes:    Maxi Gossamer {Mesh}
Pose:    Y's Art & Poses - I'm Walking


Stepping Out

Top:    ColdLogic ~ One Voice
Skirt:    J.H. Couture - Christina {Mesh}
Shoes:    Maitreya Gold - Moxie (Summer Coal)
Hair:    [Lelutka] - Jolie (Fire Top) {Mesh}
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Petal Light Frex)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Soft Majorelle) {Mesh} One Voice
Nails:    Candy Nail - Basic Prim Nails Red 07


What's your Digits?
A Q posed by Strawberry Singh

[15:19] [OO] Avatar ruler 1.3: KeliahAngelis Resident, your avatar's height is 204 cm (6' 8") counting your shoes. (Your avatar is exceptionally tall.)

Apparently, I am very tall in the SL world, which kind of baffles me because if I was any shorter, the world around me would feel too proportionally large. Sometimes I wonder if I am too short. I guess not!

Height - 85 (6'8")
Body Thickness - 12
Body Fat - 5
Head - 61
Torso Muscle - 34
Breast Size - 44
Love Handles - 32
Belly Size - 2
Leg Muscle - 45
Butt - 25
Saddle Bags - 26 

1.) How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it? 
Mesh has changed my SL visually, for sure. Mesh is easier to load on my computer, my graphics card seems to like it better. As for clothes, I wear things now that I often didn't - like pencil skirts - because I never liked their system/prim versions. It's hard to argue with the quality of a well done piece of mesh versus a well done system/prim article - mesh textures seem to win all the way and so I find myself gravitating towards those items rather than my system/prim items. 

2.) Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?
Definitely. My avatar is slim - the shape I have originally came from Redgrave that I swooned over as a newbie and has since evolved into something else - but she had pretty big breasts. Those had to go down considerably. Breast size from 60 to 44 in fact as my slim avatar looked rather ridiculous with a medium piece of clothing while wearing an XS everywhere else. For her body, I am S now on the top and XS on the bottom. In some cases, I have to make a version of my shape to fit into a particular article of clothing, which I will usually put in the folder of said clothing so that I have my shape ready to go. I'd go to XS all the way, but that would require me bringing in her chest muscle/bodyfat/love handles in even further than they are and I hate the big butt with a tiny waist look. 

3.)  Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already? 
In a perfect world, I'd like to not change my shape at all. That the mesh would automatically fit on my avatar, but I don't mind the shape changes. After all, my avatar before mesh was slim and large-breasted. She still is slim and large-breasted thanks to the shading on my skin. Her face hasn't changed, her height hasn't changed, and she's still pale and a total redhead. I don't look any different. I don't really see how the deformer is really going to help me, though I suppose those with GIANT asses, tiny tiny tiny waists, HUGE EFFING BOOBS, and then the height of a child avi might appreciate it. 

To join Ms. Berry's challege:  What's Your Digits?

Bra:    Intimizzio by Armidi - Kawaii
Shorts:    COCO - Denim Shorts [Free group gift]
Hair:    MINA - Charlize ~ One Voice
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Petal Light Frex)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Soft Majorelle) ~ One Voice
Nails:    Candy Nails - Basic prim nails
Feet:    Slink {Mesh}
Pose:    dfo Don't Freak Out - Gala ~ One Voice


All it Takes is One Voice

Today I saw Curio's update on her website stating that just a little over $10,000.00 has been raised in her benefit. To me that's just effing awesome. So many people care about content and creation! And I'd love to see the look on Hush's face knowing that the community is behind Gala Phoenix %100. That's one mighty middle finger, Hush Darkrose!

I'm not really a part of the content creation community. I don't have the skills to make mesh and frankly I prefer to not learn them. Why? Because I love shopping and supporting those who make far superior items than I. I have poses that are self made, sure, but there are so many pose stores out there on the grid that I'd rather part with my Lindens in support of their work. In other words, I'll probably never have my own store, but I'll happily blog about the works of others while my avatar struts around the grid looking posh and put together.

I am, however, a part of the Role Play community. I came to Second life in February 2011 after my text-based RPG had ended in AOL. I decided one day, out of sheer boredom, that I was going to join Second Life and see what was up. The first store I found was Redgrave (after visiting the various freebie stores put out at newbie locations) and so I returned there when it was time to get a skin, which was Jessica. First hair? Adele by Truth Hawks. From there my love of shopping grew, but I always felt something was amiss with my avatar because my character that I had painted, drew, and imagined for over a decade was not quite right.

So, one day, out of boredom and the desire to get my small town Americana vampire to look her proper role, I took my friends around the grid while they patiently watched me try on demo after demo. Enter Curio and the perfect Skin: Yum. It was exactly how I envisioned Keliah all these years. Here, on my computer screen, was a match to the girl who starred in my paintings and sketches. From that day on I became a Curio fan. The texture, the shading, the colors... If Curio doesn't come back with her store, I fear the end of an Artist's journey. Painting skin isn't easy. Painting fantastic skin is definitely not easy. I don't want to see an artist fall of the grid. I don't want to see injustice prevail.

Top: - Ballet Tee (Black stripe) One Voice
Skirt:    Ingenue - Adela (Noir) {Mesh} One Voice
Jewelry:    Aubade - One Voice
Hair:    MINA - Charlize (Dark reds)
Shoes:    [PM]Pixel Mode - Baby T's (Black)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Light)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Soft Majorelle){Mesh} One Voice
Pose:    dfo Don't Freak Out - Gala poses ~ One Voice


Come and Get It, Mister

Alone at night, I'm just waiting for you to come home. And I'm going to do it like a (sexy) boss via the new pose set from Nani Poses. The latest releases offer a standing pack titled 'Do you see me?' which consists of five poses for $99L.

Like my surroundings? I'm standing in the furnished version of the new Barnesworth Anubis 'Stockholm Attic' skybox that's currently for sale at the July Collabor88.

Top:    Kauna - Openshirt (White){Mesh}[July faMeshed]
Panties:    WanderLust - Tugged Panties (Lace Noir){Mesh}
Shoes:     [PM]Pixel Mode - Baby T's (Black)
Bracelet:    Earthstones - Shades of Stones
Hair:    Magika - Volume (01)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Skin:    Curio - Mardis Gras (Petal)
Poses:    Nani Pose - Do You See Me?


I'm Beautiful, Dammit

More Collabor88 goodies. This dress from Tres Blah? I love it. It's soft, it's comfortable, it's ultra-feminine. Since One Voice is totally packed and I can't go over there and give up all my lindens for Gala yet. Instead, I headed over to the Dressing Room Blue to pick up the new Exile updo and the necklace from Kunglers.

Top:    Tres Blah - Tucked Tee (Grey) {Mesh}[July Collabor88]
Skirt:    Tres Blah - Maxi Skirt (Beige) {Mesh}[July Collabor88]
Shoes:    ALB Lamu - Lalitha flats (#25) {Mesh}[Free group gift]
Necklace:    Kunglers - Velouria [The Dressing Room Blue]
Glasses:    !Ohmai - Groucho [From former Epoch event]
Hair:    Exile - By the Shore (Cayenne){Mesh}[The Dressing Room Blue]
Skin:    Curio - Mardi Gras (Petal Light)
Nails:    Leverocci - Nude manicure {Mesh}
Pose:    Art Body Store - Diva 01


52 Weeks of Color: Astronaut Blue

Today rolls in a new week of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color challenge for 2012. This week is all about the blue.

Top:    Tinybird - Morning After Dress (Navy)[Store closed and is no longer available]
Jeans:    Jane! - Sweet n' Low Classic {Mesh}
Hair:    Truth - Kadence (Cranberry) {Mesh}
Nails:    Synthetique - Ultimate French Series {Mesh}
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Petal light frex)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Azure
Lashes:    Redgrave - Candydoll
Pose:    ZZANG - Kawaii Dolli


That's Vintage, Ma'am

I get excited when I log in to new notices from some of the vendors I subscribe to telling me what they have dished out for the next wave of Collabor88. It might be just like Christmas. Especially this round! Last month was mod squad central with knock backs to the sixties and seventies. This month features whimsy, summery romanticism. It's a lot softer and definitely more neutral than June. I love it! So much that I braved the lag because I just had to get the jewelry from Maxi Gossamer.

Bra and Panties:    Fishy Strawberry - Desiderio (Nude)
Necklace 1:    Maxi Gossamer - Garbo Graduated [July Collabor88]
Necklace 2:    Maxi Gossamer - Tilly Ethnic [July Collabor88]
Hair:    [e]Elikatira - Soft (Red 08)
Nails:    Sythetique - Ultimate French Series {Mesh}
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Petal light)
Eyes:    IKON - Bleached Blue [July group gift]
Pose:    *MP* Magnifique - Shy stands


Laced Up

What woman doesn't love an elegant corset? They're sultry; they're sexy. Dilly Dolls released mesh corsets, which are controlled via a HUD attachment for the ultimate customization. They come in two versions, a light and dark.

Corset:    Dilly Dolls - Dola Pinstripe Corset V2 (Dark){Mesh}New!
Panties:    Gawk! - Black mini panties
Boots:    Dilly Dolls - Lani Pinstripe Boots (Grey){Mesh}
Diamonds:    Earthstones - Diamond tennis necklace and earrings
Hair:    Truth - Tanya (Cranberry)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Petal light)
Pose:    Exposeur - Blissful 19


One Voice

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Curio skins, specifically the Yum line. I was truly devastated when I learned that she had been unfairly victimized by Hush Darkrose, who has been a proven copybotter of other skin maker's textures. Curio has a steady following, though, and she has many who stand by her creativity and her work. Some designers are getting together in order to raise funds for her very real and growing legal fees to protect her copyrights. Read more here: The Blogging Elf.


Summer Stroll

Summer is in full swing - at least if you live in the northern hemisphere - and it's time for summer fun and fashion. My outfit is not very editorial, but I wanted to sport something that screams Florida. I'm a Florida girl, I live on the beach, and this new top from ColdLogic doesn't get any more Florida than this.

Top:    ColdLogic - Swift (Orange Sherbert){Mesh}[faMeshed]
Jean Shorts:    Decoy - Caleigh shorts (Light Wash){Mesh}
Sandals:    LOC - Leather Floral Sandal (Neutral)
Hat:    Le:mon - Mesh straw hat {Mesh}
Hair:    Exile - Tempest (Scarlet)
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Dark)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Liquid Light (Deep Ice){Mesh}
Lashes:     Redgrave - Nautral
Feet:    Slink {Mesh}
Pose:    Y's Art&Poses - I'm Walking


500 Lindens, You Say?

If it weren't for Lexie Vaher and Xomar Mycron, I probably would have never heard of freebie shopping. Nor would I have realized that there is a world of amazing freebies out there ripe for the picking, and if you know where to go, and where to get things, then you can easily make an avatar for under 500L. And now it's been issued as a challenge. Maribel Button has laid down the gauntlet. Challenge accepted.

This look costs well under $500.00, but it's not totally free. For one, the skin comes from Mynerva. Technically, it is a free item, but you must join the group to get it, which is a whole whopping 50L to join. On top of this skin, there are two other skins up for grabs, a shape, cleavage options, and some cosmetics. So it's a pretty sweet deal. The other item that is not free is the belt from Nyte n' Day. It costs a whole 95L.

Please note: The shorts are a Depraved Nation Summer Love hunt which ends on 07/15/2012, so they will not be available for much longer. However, there are free denim shorts at COCO that would still give you the same 'look'. COCO's group is free to join.

Total avatar costs? L145.00

Join the 500L Avatar Challenge

Top:    Jane - Intrinsic tank (Milk)[Free subscriber gift]
Shorts:    22769 - Hotpants{Mesh}[Depraved Nation Summer Love Hunt 06/15/12-07/15/12]
Belt:    Nyte n' Day - Ginger Belt (Brown)[95L]
Sandals:    J's Gift Flop Flop {Mesh}[Group Gift]
Necklace/Earrings:    Miel - UVA [Free subscriber gift]
Hair:    Truth - Jessie (Walnut)[Free subscriber gift]
Skin/Makeup:    Mynerva - Sara [Group Gift - 50L to join]
Eyes:    Mayfly - Liquid Light (London Fog) [Free at store and marketplace]
Eyelashes:    Maitreya [Free group gift]
Poses:  [Croire], Adorkable



Okay, a SL photographer/blogger could go on about windlights, but I want to talk about the weird ones. Orc Drawing? Uh, okay. Surreal. Why? I was going to blog about this gorgeous dress from Fameshed. There's a group gift for men and women available to Fameshed group - the ladies being a super sexy maxi from Valentina E. Couture.

I'm taking my picture, I'm flipping through windlights, and suddenly I land on the Surreals. Now I know why they exist. I love this picture!

There is no post editing done to this picture save for cropping. I look like I'm inked in a comic book.

Tip: Fast way to flip through windlights? If you're running Phoenix Firestorm, there is a 'Quick Preferences' button on the bottom of the screen with the Phoenix Firestorm logo. You can easily go through your windlights on this menu.

Dress:    Valentina E. Couture - Long Summer Dress (Zebra)[Free group gift for faMeshed]{Mesh}
Shoes:    N Core - Temptation Xtreme Heel (Galaxy)
Gloves:    Sakide - Former hunt gift
Jewelry:    Earthstones - Diamond Tennis Set
Hair:    [E]Elikatira - Indulge (Red 08){Mesh}
Pose:    Self


Happy Birthday, Truth District

Have you been around the Truth District yet? There is a sale going on until July 7th in celebration of Truth District's birthday. Some select Truth hairs are discounted, a gorgeous jewelry set from Earthstones is half price, and Aura has a free dress for those sporting the Truth District group tag. Other Truth District stores are participating as well, so make sure you check it out!

Dress:    Aura - Summer Sun Short Maxi {Mesh} [Truth District group gift]
Necklace:    Miel - Cue
Bracelet:    Star Fashion - Kashmir Bracelet (Brown)
Hair:    Truth - Parisa (Cranberry){Mesh}
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Nails:    Leverocci - Round nails{Mesh}
Pose:    Tram [Free group gift]


52 Weeks of Color: Cadmium Red

It's week twenty-seven of Luna Jubilee's fifty-two weeks of color challenge. This week's challenge comes just in time for Canada day and Independence day. Red is one of my favorite colors. I. Love. Red. It's fierce, it's strong. It's the color of love and, incidentally, the color of anger. Passion. I could go on. However, for me, it's the color of joy. At least for this picture. I think I'm happy that I got this necklace for such a stellar deal. 

The Truth District celebrates it's 1rst Birthday by having an amazing sale. I haven't gotten through all the items yet, nor visited all the stores, but I did manage to squeeze my way into the (very busy) SIM and snag this gorgeous jewelry set from Earthstones and the Whippet & Buck lingerie set - which is perfect for this weeks color challenge.

Shirt:    Kauna - OpenShirt: White {Mesh}[Currently at faMeshed]
Lingerie:     Whippet & Buck - Sasha Lingerie set [On sale at the Truth District until July 7, 2012]
Necklace:     Earthstones - Entice Necklace [On sale at the Truth District until July 7, 2012]
Hair:    Truth - Georgina (Cranberry) [On sale at the Truth District until July 7, 2012]
Skin:    Curio - Yum (Moonbeam Light)
Eyes:    IKON - Pale Turquoise
Nails:    Candy Nail #P000 - Basic Nail in red
Pose:    [Croire]


Dilly Dolls Bot Babe

The latest released from Dilly Dolls includes a healthy quantity of one of my favorite things: Thigh high boots. For some reason, I slip on a pair of thigh high boots and I feel like saving the galaxy from an epic enemy force. I feel like a super hero. A sexy super hero. But, that's just me. The boots come in plenty of vibrant colors and metallics.

Dilly Dolls also released eyes. I've been debating: I am not sure if I can really compare mesh prim eyes to prim eyes to system eyes, because my normal every-day system eyes seem to catch as much light as mesh ones. Nonetheless, I have a huge inventory of eyes. I love them! They change the entire look of your avatar which is awesome for photographs and themes. These are the Kell, which are color change via a HUD. But, I loved the dollish look of the white the most.

Boots:    Dilly Dolls - Lani Boots Light (Blue) {Mesh}New!
Body Suit:    MdC Ballet top - White
Bracelets:    [sYs] Holotattoo - (Former hunt item)
Droid markings:    iLogic - Complete Dermal Android System
Pelvic Panel - *Six* - Pevis panel MK iII
Hair:    Truth - Jessie (Smurf)[Free group gift]
Eyes:    Dilly Dolls - Kell Eyes New!
Lashes:    Redgrave - Natural
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Poses:   [MotivAction] - Individual female poses