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Friendship Begins With Batman

Last week out of boredom I went to scope out the Petite Avatar Kingdom. If you haven't gotten a petite or hung around a few of the 'wee folk', then do so. They are adorable and fun. I've met many cool people while on my petite avatar, but sadly, spend most of my time on my main character and thus I don't get to be small and adorable all that much. So, I headed on over to the kingdom to look at the Mynerva avatars. I have this running joke about me being Batman and it has translated over into second life, when one day, jokingly, I changed my name from Keliah to Batman. Every so often I visit the namesake and that weekend I just happened to be sporting the name which caught the eye of one very, very small micro person shopping with his friend.

[2012/05/08 20:52]  Ant (splatnuk.windang): whoa, hey, it's BATMAN
[2012/05/08 20:52]  Batman (keliahangelis): Danananananananana - Me!
[2012/05/08 20:52]  Ant (splatnuk.windang): hahahaha
[2012/05/08 20:53]  Ant (splatnuk.windang): best Bat-disguise ever, I totally didn't recognize you
[2012/05/08 20:53]  Name Removed: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
[2012/05/08 20:53]  Name Removed: good one "Batman"
[2012/05/08 20:54]  Batman (keliahangelis): I have to avoid the paparazzi during my outings.
[2012/05/08 20:54]  Name Removed: understandable
[2012/05/08 20:54]  Name Removed: good thing to go incognito
[2012/05/08 20:54]  Batman (keliahangelis): Comissioner Gordon always gives me shit if I get caught on camera.

[2012/05/08 20:54]  Ant (splatnuk.windang): oh yeah! Hard to fight crime with a crowd chasing after you

I rather forgot about Ant and our silly little conversation, until a few days later he sought me out and messaged me. I'm so glad he did.