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Fall Colors

I swooped in on the last day of the Cold Logic sale to grab some of the new releases at the discount price. Unfortunately, the sale is over. However, go over there and scope out the fall colors.

Top:    ColdLogic - McGillis Top (Blue Russet)
Skirt:    ColdLogic - Gill 
Necklace:    Maxi Gossamer - Tilly Ethnic
Shoes:    Slink - Vintage Pumps (Cream)
Hair:    [e]Elikatira - Found (Red 08)
Nails:    Leverocci - Round Nails
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes (Pale Azur)
Lashes:    Izzie's v1.02
Poses:    [Miseria] August Pose Set
Background:    Barnesworth Anubis


Bad to the Bone
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Citizens of SL, your prayers have been answered. Xomar is back again. The silly redhead who runs this establishment loved my last entry so much, she begged and pleaded until I agreed to send up another blog post. If there's one thing I love, it's a beggin woman in tears, so I decided to do her another favor.

So, in RL, I'm not really a motorcycle enthusiast. Being I work in downtown Los Angeles, riding a crotch rocket down the congested highway with all the nutbags, coke fiends, women drivers, and the like on the freeways, it sounds about as enticing as hitching a ride with Lindsay Lohan. But, within the confines of SL, I like to let my rebel without a clue persona explore the space.

Imagine my delight...wait, that sounded way to effeminate. Bikers should never use the word delight...or imagine. Okay, let's try this again. Brah, I was so stoked by the kickin' threads released this week by the makers Lapointe & Bastchild. They seriously rock, homie! *pounds a beer and burps loudly* Much better. Anyways, the Moto jacket has all the amazing detail and texture one of their older prim jackets, but actually stays on your body when your AO pose twists you into a pretzel. Gotta love mesh. Except for the part where you have to completely alter your shape until you can barely recognize yourself. Or when it just decides not to show up on your viewer and you're a floating, severed head to everyone around you. On second thought, forget that second point. That's always awesome.

The jeans are simple and understated with a solid boot cut, unlike the majority of jeans I've seen lately. Personally, I was just happy to see another pair of jeans that didn't look like I just crapped my pants. I'll save that look for when I'm actually on a motorcycle driving along the 10 Freeway, hoping Lindsay Lohan isn't on another bender. 

Okay then, back to your regularly scheduled programming of whimsical girly sh*t starring Tits McGee. Xomar out.

Jacket:  L&B - "Moto" Leather Jacket - Vintage
Jeans:  L&B - Men's Jeans boot cut
Boots:  Treads - Kboots (Still the greatest boots ever made in SL)


Simply Casual

I went shopping with my friend Poly, and we decided to invade Toki Doki - a store I had not invaded before. I wanted to buy all the cardigans, but I only bought one.

GoS is still running 50% off on all his footwear at the Truth District. If you don't have yourself an awesome pair of Docs, I mean, come on.

Cardigan:    Toki Doki - Summer Nights Cardigan (Gray)
Top:    Cynful - RaRa Top (Black)
Shorts:    {Mon Tissu} - Hanalei Shorts (Pinstripes)
Boots:    GoS - Docs~50% off at the Truth District
Bracelet:    *yoyo9* Pearl
Hair:    Truth - Bria (Cranberry)
Nails:    Izzie's - 80's Round Nails (HUD Controlled)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Lashes:    Izzie's v1.02
Pose:    ZZANG - Dolli 



I have a pose store on the market place. It's pretty modest, really. A hobby. It helps me out with the artsy mood when it strikes. Lately, I've been inspired by paintings. {Picture This! Poses} - Ophelia


Release the Butterflies

I saw this picture on flickr and was immediately enchanted by their surroundings. This beautiful SIM houses *Emm, a furniture and decor store, along side Scribbled Hearts. It's called the Water Reserve and it is very beautiful. 

Dress:    GSpot - Haunted
Hair:    Exile - Lost in Wonderland (Rouge)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Bring on the Rain


52 Weeks of Color: Feldgrau

I might take these wellies off someday. Maybe. 

Dress:    Tram - Vintage denim Dress
Boots:    GoS - Rigged Wellington (Green)
Necklace:    Maxi Gossamer - Garbo Graduated
Hair:    Truth - Barbara (Cranberry)
Nails:    Synthetique - Ultimate French Nails Series
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Pale Turquoise)
Lashes:    Izzies -v1.02
Skin:     League - Jen (Fair Olive)
Pose:    Adorkable - Chill Dork


Punky Izzie

I'm sure by now all you ladies have parted ways with your lindens for Truth's latest release, but if you haven't, well...why haven't you? The hair come with streak options via a hud to add some punky pizzazz. It also comes with this cute bow, which is texture changeable and optional to wear. 

If you're not aware of the goings on at the Truth District, Gos' cat, Archie, was hit by a vehicle. In response, the Truth District is holding a sale event to help raise funds for Archie's vet bills. There are a lot of poses to be bought for all you pose junkies, including one from my very, very modest line. Gos is also holding a 50% off sale for his items. Now is the time to stock up on shoes.

Note: This awesome chair is from iBang poses and is currently for sale at Archie's fundraiser. It comes with amazing striped textures and is not black like this. I textured it this way for this photo because of viewer difficulties.

Taxi to the Truth District

Top:    Erratic - Silk Blouse (White) New!
Shorts:    Decoy - Caleigh Shorts (Light Wash)
Boots:    GoS - Rigged Wellington (Green)
Hair:    Truth - Izzie (Cranberry) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Pale Turquoise)
Lashes:    Izzie's v1.02
Skin:    League - Jen (Feline Fair)
Poses: Top Self / Bottom: iBang Rustic Chair~Archie Appeal Event 


Archie's Event

If you're not aware of the goings on at Truth District lately, let me fill you in. Gos' cat, Archie, was hit by a car. By some miracle, the little guy made it back home, blind and severely injured. If you are a pet owner like most of us in SL, then you can empathize with how devastating this is.

Archie is going to make it, but he has a long recovery ahead of him and medical care is not cheap. Please join the Truth District on August 25th through September 2nd where creators around the grid have set up goods for sale in order to assist Gos with the vet bills. The best part of the event? Gos' shoes are 50% off.

Special thanks to Cae Hancroft for putting the event together.

Taxi to the Truth District


Cats in the Attic

It's a new round of My Attic! Because we all need more things to spend our lindens on, right? My top is from Cracked Mirror and it is one of the BEST textured items I have seen on the grid thus far. It comes in two color themes so make sure to grab both. 

My hair - ahem, all of it - comes from Magika. How cute is the neko ears and tail?

Top:    (CM)Cracked Mirror - Billow Top (Red/yellow plaid)~My Attic
Jeans:    Maitreya - Flare Jeans (#5)
Necklace:    Beautiful Sin - Titanium Hearts
Ring:    Callie Cline - Love rock (Ocean pearl)
Neko Ears/Tail:    Magika - Neko New!
Hair:    Magika - After
Eyes:    FATE (Hud controlled)
Lashes:    Izzie's - v1.02
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Feline)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Shy Kitty (Neko Pack) New!


Off to Find the Arc, brb!
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

You may all be wondering, "What's with this strikingly handsome male suddenly gracing this blog? Where's the redhead with the big tits?" Well, allow me to introduce myself; the name is Xomar. Consider me a change of pace as I help out my good friend Keliah with a male perspective. She begged me for weeks to offer my style advice and I kept telling her, "Kel, you can barely handle this whole package here; what makes you think your audience can do the same?" But, she kept up her begging as she's wont to do and I couldn't help but toss her a scrap or two.

All the men gazing at this photo must be asking, first of all, "How did I end up on this chick blog? There's not even any nudity!" Once they have recovered, they're probably asking, "Xomar, how can I look as awesome as you?"

To which I must sadly shake my head and answer, "That's obviously impossible. I mean, let's face it. I'm pretty much perfect. However, you can improve yourself and at least dress like me."

Speaking of dress, I'm wearing this shirt/shorts combo that Keliah graciously pointed out to me. It appears the talented creator of the Cold Logic line is dipping his toe into menswear with the newly formed store Fate, and as I can never resist a well made freebie, I was happy to model the outfit for her. The textures and shadowing on the shirt is quite remarkable, including a bulging at the chest area as though my rippling muscles are about to burst through and cause a riot, as they are wont to do on occasion. The shorts compliment this top with their utilitarian cargo style with an understated camo design.

I decided to add my Rerty retro camo high tops to complete the look, which, to be fair, can complement any outfit. From casual to formal, you really can't go wrong with shoes like these, unless it's a funeral. I may have just made up that rule, but it sounds pretty damn good, so let's go with it. Besides, how many funerals are you going to be attending in SL? These shoes are pretty much bulletproof. (Warning: Will not stop actual bullets.)

In conclusion, I'm very much excited for the opening of Fate as it appears to be a very promising store for men that have some semblance of fashion, i.e. don't wear skirts and long, flowing Fabio style hair. Xomar out.

*drops the mic and tries to figure out where the hell he is.*

Shirt/Shorts:     FATEwear - Carter [Subscribe Gift]
Shoes:     Rerty - SNeakers Box R Pump
Glasses:     Blitzed - previous hunt gift


52 Weeks of Color: Russet

Top:    Tres Blah - Half Tucked Tee (White)~August Collabor88
Skirt:    Sn@tch - Elena Maxi Skirt (Mushroom)
Earrings:    Earthstones - Mara Hoop Earrings (Moonstone)
Bracelet:    MIEL - Cue Bracelet
Hair:    Truth - Bria (Cranberry) New!
Nails:    Izzie's French Nails (Hud controlled)
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Pale Turquoise)
Lashes:    Redgrave - Corner Painted
Skin:    Curio - Yum II (Moonbeam Brown Betty)
Pose:    DFO - Gala Exclusive from One Voice



Another weekend; another Cupcakes Bake Sale. I've mentioned it before, but in case you don't know about it, Cupcakes Bake Sale is a collaboration of stores on the Cupcakes SIM. Every weekend they put out a small sampling of merchandise for a steep discount. This week features this gorgeous dress from Bilo. It has a vintage, classic feel and for fifty lindens, it's a steal.

It goes rather well with my new hair from Truth. So adorable.

Dress:     Bilo - Urmila Dress (Onyx)~Cupcakes Bake Sale
Shoes:    N Core - Coquette (Black)~Vintage Fair 2012
Jewelry:    *yoyo9* - Pearl Set
Hair:    Truth - Marina (Cranberry/Hud controlled bow) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Pale Turquoise)
Lashes:    Izzie's - v1.02
Nails:    Synthentique Red Color Tactics Series
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Make up:   Avoki - Lips n' Liner (Flame)
Pose:    Magnifique - Shy Standing Pack


Miami Heat

I tend to gravitate towards the Florida style fashions offered by Second Life designers more than anything. For one, I am a Floridian. Secondly, Miami is one of my favorite cities. This latest release from *Boom* is a Miami girl's go-to pant. Wide legged linen, vibrant colors, and they are perfect for strolling down the streets of South Beach for an afternoon of shopping. 

Top:    Chemisty - Echo Tank Top (White Lace)
Bikini Top:    *BOOM* - Ellio Bikini (Coconut)
Pants:    *BOOM* - Miami Linens (Margarita) New!
Glasses:    Izzies - Oversized Sunglasses (Hud Controlled)
Shoes:    Slink - Aussie Thongs (White)
Hair:    =DeLa= - Dolce (Red 05)
Eyes:    IKON - Horizon Eyes (Dark Turquoise)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Olive)
Feet:    Slink
Pose:    Magnifique


Moonlit Music

I found this dress on the marketplace and had to have it. I've been trying to cook up something creative with this photo stage prop I picked up from Tableau Vivant during the Fairy Tales event. For those girls stuck in medieval times, or have a Second Life in a fantasy realm, I thought this dress was really beautiful and nicely textured. It also comes with sleeve options for different looks - more bang for your Linden.

This violin is free if you subscribe to iBang poses.

Dress:    {junbug} - Caterina Mesh Gown (Azure)
Necklace:    Earthstones - Vintage Romance New!
Hair:    Ohmai - Chloe (Wine)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Eyelids:    Slink 
Feet:    Slink
Violin and Pose:    iBang Poses [Free subscriber gift]
Background:    Tableau Vinvant


52 Weeks of Color:  Tyrian Purple

It's another round of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color. This week I decided to focus on post editing the purple feel in the photo rather than throwing on a bunch of purple clothes. I post edited in Photoshop CS5 by applying a color filter adjustment layer - though on photoshop, there are a hundred ways to do one simple thing, but in my opinion, it's the simple things that really make a photo stand out. 

Do you know about the Cupcakes Bake Sale? Every weekend a few contributors in the Cupcakes SIM throw up a few items for discount. Usually pretty cute things. My favorite, and my friend Lexie's favorite, are the shapes offered up from Body Doubles. I'm wearing the 'Laura Hurley' shape. It works really well with my League skin and it was only 50L. 

Top:    {Mon Tissu} - Spade Blouse (Polkadot) New!
Jeans:    Maitreya - Zipper Skinny jeans (#1)
Ring:    .:joy&co:. Princess Australian Opal Ring
Nails:    Izzie's 80's Round Nails (Hud controlled)~Vintage Fair 2012
Hair:    Truth - Elsa (Gem) New!
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Soft Majorelle)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Grape)
Shape:    Body Doubles - Lara Hurley
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Quiet Confidence


A Modest Jessica

Inspired by the infamous Jessica Rabbit, but, you know, less ta-tas and sex appeal. 

Dress:    CIA Designs - Sequin Dress~Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes:    Hucci - Nia Pump [Free subscriber gift]
Bracelet:    Maxi Gossamer - White Pearl Single Strand Set
Hair:    [e]Elikatira - Thrive (Red 08)~Collarbor88
Eyes:    Mayfly - Liquid Light (London Fog)[Free gift]
Pose:    Atooly



Nothing pleases me more than an update from Truth popping up on my window to tell me that I'm going to part with more linden because I have to have the newest hair. This is Soleil. It can be casual, it can be formal. Whatever it is, it's lovely. And check out these fun sunglasses from Pididdle.

Romper:    Hucci - Cori Romper [Subscriber gift]
Glasses:    Pididdle - Fleurir Sunshades (Tuna Roe) New!
Necklace:    Miel - Cue Necklace
Hair:    Truth - Soleil (Cranberry) New!
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Magnifique


Closer, No Hesitations

Another trip to the vintage fair. I've been kind of wanting to recreate a Jessica Rabbit look, but I would up with this beautiful dress from Fanatik. I've been waiting for beautiful opera gloves now for awhile and Boom delivers. 

Thank you to the amazing and awesome Scipio Zelin for filling out a suit like nobody's business and posing with me.

Dress:    Fanatik - Vintage Evening Gown (White)~Vintage Fair 2012
Gloves:    *BOOM* - Dame Elbow Gloves (Navy)~Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes:    Pixel Mode - Baby T's Plain (Black)
Earrings:    Earthstones - Diamond tennis earrings
Hair:    Chemisty - Vines (Crimson)
Skin:    Belleza - Betty (Pale)~Vintage Fair 2012
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capri blue)
Skip:    Epicosity - Double Breasted Suit~Vintage Fair 2012


Comfy Casual

I'd like to think I have this great sense of style, but really, even if I admire a certain dress or fawn over a perfect sandal, I'm really just a tank top and jeans kind of girl. Hell, half the time I don't even wear shoes. My hair? Generally, it's pulled up and away from my face.

Top:    NyTrO - Tank top Urban Stripes
Undershirt:    Jane - Intrinsic (Milk)[Free subscriber gift]
Jeans:    NyTrO - Skinny Jeans (Folded)
Hair:    D!va - Sayaka 2 (Garnet)[Tinted]
Nails:    Izzie's 80's Round Nails ~ Vintage Fair 2012
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deek Sky (Capri blue)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Feet:    Slink


Avant Baroque

This month's Collabor88 is full of amazing, artistic pieces. I'm pretty sure I need to buy everything this time around. Really amazing work. 

Dress:    Glam Affair - Dorota Shirt (Indigio)~Collabor88
Shoes:    ISON - Miraya Open-Toe Booties (Black)~Collabor88
Necklace/Earrings:    (Yummy) Moonsung Necklace (Silver)~Collabor88
Skin:    Glam Affair - Roza - BaroQ~Collabor88
Hair:    [LeLutka] - Salome (Jessica)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deek Sky Mesh (Capri blue)
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - Bold Confidence


Out of the Pool

Bikini:    *BOOM* - Ellio Bikini (Cherry stripe)
Necklace:    Maxi Gossamer - Tilly Ethnic (Bleached) [Former Collabor88]
Hair:    [e]Elikatira - Memoir (Red 08)
Nails:    Izzie's 80's Round Nails (Hud controlled)~Vintage Fair 2012
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capris blue)
Skin:    Belleza - Betty (Pale)~Vintage Fair 2012
Pose:    Nani Poses - Summer Heat


Retro Baby

Dress:    ColdLogic - Montgomery (Ebony)~Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes:    Dasha Buckled Pump (Hud controlled)~Vintage Fair 2012
Hair:    Truth - Kalle 2 (Cranberry)
Nails:    Izzie's 80's Round Nails (Hud controlled)~Vintage Fair 2012
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capris Blue)
Skin:    Belleza - Betty (Pale)~Vintage Fair
Pose:    Picture This! Poses - My Pretty Dress


Poolside Bohemia

I moved into my new house from Abiss. Behind me you can see the deck that contains the pool and the spa. I don't know why I have to have these things in my second life home, save that in RL I enjoy a nice dip in the pool. This new outfit from Fatal works perfectly as resort wear. The bag is a rigged mesh and is free to VIP group members of Auxiliary. 

Top/Skirt:    Fatal - Boholicious (Blue)
Shoes:    Slink - Ilena Sandals (Black)
Necklace:    Ripped - Tide necklace
Bag:    Auxiliary - My Oversized Leather Tote
Belt:    Nyte N Day - Ginger Belt (Black)
Sunglasses:    .:December:. - Glasses No.67 (Silver frames)
Hair:    [e]Elikatira - Garden (Red 08)
Eyes:    Mayfly - Deep Sky (Capri blue)
Nails:    Leverocci -   Round Nails
Feet:    Slink
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Adorkable - My Hair Dork Pack


52 Weeks of Color: Jonquil

Top:    Maitreya - Silk Necktie Blouse (Pure)
Hair:    Truth - Liberty (Cranberry) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Bleached Gold) [Free group gift! Ends today!]
Nails:    Izzies French Nails
Lashes:    Damned
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Adorkable - My Hair


Night Fever

I haven't blogged in a bit (at least for me) because it was time for an inventory overhaul. On top of that, I decided to move into a more photogenic and amazing house, which I will surely blog about later. After I'm done decorating it. But, in all honesty, I've been having a hard time with inspiration. See, to me, a blog is like an art project. Especially a fashion blog. I've got an armload of reviewables, so it's not lack of content. Too, there's the house. But, I don't know, I've had a hard time seeking that inspiration for the perfect photo. 

Today, though, today I was going to blog! And everything fell into place. It's a good day! The Vintage Fair is in full swing, so I wanted to do something a little different and fall back into my original idealisms for my blog - which isn't always about the latest release, or this band new round of that event. It's about the look and feel of a photograph, which in my opinion ties the whole thing together. 

So, I found this amazing SIM from the Destination Guide. The Regimade Light Gallery. It's a bit demanding on the graphics, so please be advised of that. But, once you're inside, holy light show, Batman! The lighting and shadows are just perfect.

Also, I'm never taking off these shoes. They are so adorable.

Dress:    Tres Blah - Daydream Babydoll
Shoes:    *Dilly Dolls* - Dasha Pump (Hud controlled)  New!
Jewelry:    Maxi Gossamer - Annette (Silver) ~ Fameshed
Clutch:    Old and New - Studs Purse (Monolux)
Hair:    Truth - Liberty (Cranberry)
Nails:    Izzie's French Nails
Eyes:     Mayfly - Liquid Light (Deep Ice)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:   Y's Art&Poses - Walking pack


Urban Girl

The releases are really coming out! And the closets are only going to get bigger as the Vintage Fair approaches! For all those urban girls out there, Nytro has a few new releases ready for purchase in their main store, including this tube top. It comes with a HUD to change the textures. 

Also new? This ultra sleek braid by Truth. 

Top:    NyTrO - Tank Top Urban Stripes New!
Jeans:    {Mon Tissue} Lou Lou Denim (Dark)
Boots:    Fatal - Rockin' Leather Boots New!
Earrings:    :Fusion:
Hair:    Truth - Froukje (Cranberry) New!
Nails:    Synthetique - Red Color Tatics Series
Skin:    Glam Affair - Giselle (Light)
Pose:     Adorkable - 25 Days (4)


Let's Polka!

This dress reminds me so much of one of my favorite real life designers: Mondo Guerra. Mondo was a designer on the hit television series Project Runway and if I were a super model in real life I think I'd be beating down his door for 'review' copies. 

But, this isn't real life, which means I don't have to go beating down doors for fabulous dresses by talented designers. Enter Haste, a new store on the grid, who has a ton of these chique mini dresses in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Dress:    [Haste] - Harvest Dress (Polka Dots)
Necklace:    Aphrodite Fashions - Goddess Dark Silver
Hair:    Truth - Summer (Cranberry)
Nails:    Synthetique - Red Color Tactics Series
Eyes:    IKON - Sunrise Eyes (Pale Turquoise)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair)
Pose:    Atooly - 45