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Old Man and the Sea
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Ahoy, ya landlubbers! You may be wondering who this fragile old man is; well, it's Xomar again. As I mentioned before, I have a few alts for roleplay purposes and this fellow, Skip Zelin, happens to be one of my favorites. (Keliah's favorite, too!) Since the month is ending tomorrow, I figured now would be the perfect time to rave about what was easily my favorite item available at the Men's Dept. This month; this amazingly detailed peacoat from Sleepy Eddy. Sleepy Eddy is a store I've been impressed with for some time, but they took their time entering the Mesh zone. However, that time was obviously worth it if they can continue to pump out clothing like this. The embossed buttons, the pocket details, the textures; it's pretty much the greatest coat you can buy in SL. Hell, I'd buy it in RL if I could find out. *searches eBay for several hours*

This peacoat put me in mind of an old salt fisherman, service in the navy far in his rear view mirror, eking out a living fishing along the eastern seaboard and probably hunting down man-eating sharks while he compared old wounds with upstart, preppy marine biologists. Of course, that's probably because I just watched Jaws which is still probably the best movie Spielberg ever directed. It beat the hell out of Lincoln, anyways. Of course, my sailor would most definitely have grounded his vessel somewhere and went down with his ship. FYI, the only ship I've ever been put in charge of managed to get grounded on the coast of Catalina island, so let's just say it's not that far off from reality. 

Jacket:     Sleepy Eddy - Peacoat Navy
Pants:    Ispachi - Executive Chinos
Glasses:    Mr. Poet - Half Rim Glasses
Pipe:    NikotiN - Godfather pipe
Hat:    CatniP - Captain Hat
Pose:    Self



I was browsing flickr to check out the latest photographs from all of my contacts when I came across this lovely photo of Keepsake. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the "Now open" and "Contest" descriptions so I followed the SLURL to check out the destination, my camera in tow. 

The SIM hosts a mix of lush gardens, spring flowers, oriental architecture, blends of rustic countryside, exotic animals, and plenty of places to lounge around and socialize with your friends. It's really pretty and fresh with the beauty of Spring. Drop by and bring your own camera so you can post your contest photos on  Keepsake's flickr

Also the ColdLogic contest is still in effect as mentioned in my previous blog post.

Top:    ColdLogic - Taylor (Champagne)
Jeans:    .:villena:. - Skinny Jeans (Dark Blue)
Earrings:    Cae - Timeless Collection
Hair:    Truth - Hollana (Cranberry w/ roots)~February Collabor88
Nails:  Izzie's
Skin:    [PF] Pink Fuel - Alena (Vanilla)~Free*Style (Opens 02/27/2013)
Pose:    {.:exposeur:.} Gift of a Friend (butterfly not included)


Book Nerds @ Picture This! Poses


A Night at the Oscars

It's Oscar Night (though probably most of us will be watching The Walking Dead.) The awards ceremony in itself is not the biggest draw for me, but rather the elegant gowns and suits worn by Hollywood's elite - some gorgeous, some not so much. 

In celebration of the Oscars, Harper's 'Around the Grid with Harper' is hosting a fashion contest for those of us wanting to show off our favorite formals and this is my entry. I've been looking for an excuse to buy Lavish II gown from Apple May

Dress:   Apple May - Lavish II (Red)
Necklace/Bracelet:    (DF) Donna Flora - Giorgia (Platinum)
Hair:    [LeLutka] - Josephine (Bournville) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal (Paradise)
Lashes:    Izzie's v1.02
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Skin:    Izzie's - Harlow (Porcelain)
Poses: [1] BENT - Behind [2] Picture This! Poses - Quiet Confidence
Windlight:    Strawberry Singh's Diamond 


Think Spring

There's no doubt that the grid is ready for spring. Spring landscapes. Spring styles. Spring events. We're all looking forward to March and April themed things and wishing away the bitter cold of winter (at least those who know what it feels like unlike myself :P) ColdLogic is the first I've seen to amp us all up for spring fashions with the release of their fun, sunny-colored dresses and cardigan blends. You can grab a demo at their inworld store. Also, if you haven't subscribed to their group, make sure you do! Not only are their two fabulous dresses for free, the ColdLogic team is also hosting a photo contests and the prize is pretty attractive. In fact, this picture is my first entry.

I mentioned that the grid is blooming with Spring - especially with "It Starts with a Smile", the home of blogger and photographers Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster. It's open to visitors and provides a beautiful backdrop with many scenes for SL photographers.

Cardigan & Dress:    ColdLogic - Diaz (Blue)New!
Necklace:    Earthstones - Entice Necklace (Gold)
Hair:    Truth - Hollana (Cranberry w/roots)~February Collabor88 New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (Paradise)
Hands:   SLink mesh hands
Skin:    Izzie's - Harlow (Porcelain)
Pose:    * Y's A&P - I'm Walking
Windlight:    Multiple


Size Doesn't Matter

My discovery of these awesome shiny pants from Redgrave is kind of happenstance. I needed a pair of white pants for my Valentine's Day card to go along with my red sweater when I realized I didn't have any in my inventory. My friend Skip Zelin suggested that I should look at the new metallic jeans from Redgrave. At first, judging from the picture, I thought they were a bit too shiny, but then I discovered that each package comes with a very shiny version and a version with a more satiny sheen. 

I didn't realize what an amazing pair of clothing I purchased at first. I'm so used to the standard sizing in mesh clothes that I was really baffled why I couldn't see an XS in the box! I even re-unpacked the merchandise thinking I had deleted all the sizes by mistake, and then I thought perhaps Redgrave was selling standard sizes individually. Then I read the notecard included - which I should have done in the first place. 

Said amazing pants have no standard size, but rather what Redgrave calls 'Liquid Mesh'. The pants conform automatically to your shape. This is good news if you have, say, muscled legs, tiny hips, and big breasts. Or for those who want a bit more bodyfat and belly size while otherwise keeping a small frame. I can't wait to see what else comes out in this cool new twist on mesh technology for Second Life. 

What do you think about liquid mesh and deformer technology? Are you satisfied with standard sizing?

Top:    *BOOM* Soft Swerve (Tiffany) New!
Jeans:    REDGRAVE Metallic Jeans LQM (Snow) New!
Shoes:    ::HH:: Hucci - D'Ann Pump Exotics (South Beach)
Bracelets:    MG Maxi Gossamer - Athena (Silver)
Hair:    Truth - Sierra (Cranberry w/roots) New!
Eyes:    IKON Eternal Eyes - Paradise 
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Bloom)
Poses: [1]Picture This! Dramatics [2]MudHoney Prestige Medallion Chair
Windlight:    Alchemy Immortalis - Fog Lifting


The Beauty of the Hazardous

Have you been to Hazardous? If you haven't, make sure to mark your landmarks for this. Hazardous is the newest creation by the designers of HuMaNoId. I first heard of it from my fellow blogger Kaelyn, and being the photo junkie that she is, I knew I had to head right on over there. Honestly, I could have remained in the landing zone pictured above for hours, the beauty of it's message inspiring on it's own, however I teleported down (and rather comically to by way of the teleporter.)

The SIM is breathtaking. There's a message here (and by message I do not mean the comical signs posted once you teleport down) written in the landscape. Of old and new. The decor is mainly of decaying man- made items amidst the new, lush greenery. There are plenty of fun places to explore including the movie nook, the tilted light house, the canyon, and the cliff-side piano. The bottom of the cliffs has the same feel as Neva River (a beautiful SIM now closed) had and so I am happy to see that artistic element back in Second Life. If you love HuMaNoId, you will love this beautiful place. Special thanks to the lovely Zubida for posing below.

Top:    Maitreya - Lux Sweater (Snow)
Pants:    *BOOM* - Norfolk Tweeds (Sisal) New!
Necklace:    {mon tissu} - Oui Necklace (Silver)
Shoes:    SLink - Ilena Sandals (White)
Hair:    Kenzie - (Cranberry w/roots) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Eternal Eyes (Paradise)
Hands/Feet:    SLink
Lashes:    ::BB:: Beatlebones Mesh Lashes (Dainty Black)
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Olive)
Windlights:    Multiple
Pose on the second photo:    Picture This! Poses - Dramatics New!
*All the other poses are built into SIM things


There Can Only Be One
Contributed by Xomar Mycron

Because nobody demanded it...I'm back, baby! Okay, that's not entirely true. One person, the world famous, award winning, fake ginger mistress of the blog did happen to mention that I hadn't sent her anything in months. I suddenly felt ashamed that I had been wrapped up in trying to keep my job in a crummy market by working most of my free time instead of goofing around on SL and making photos. Obviously, I most repent for that at some point, but luckily, the pope has stepped down today so I'm pretty sure I can put that off a bit.

I paid a visit to the Men's Dept. for this month and found a couple of great buys, but we'll just start with the skirt I'm wearing. Yes, apparently, the men (and I use that term loosely) in Scotland like to prance around wearing in skirts and growing their hair long for some reason. They say it's tradition, but, please. Some traditions need to die. I'm part American Indian, but you don't see me eating hallucinogenic mushrooms so I can trip the light fantastic and find my spirit guide. I mean, there was that one trip to Amsterdam, but that doesn't count. Anyways, I saw this kilt and I knew I had to buy it. Some of you are probably thinking, 'Oh yeah, because he wants to paint his face blue and go off on Jewish slurs while he talks about female cop's sugar tits like Mel Gibs...I mean William Wallace in Braveheart.' No, actually, the first thing that came to mind was THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! I was about to Highlander up, bitches.

If you haven't seen the Highlander, well, you need to stop reading this and go pull it up on Netflix. Right now. I'll wait. *drinks a glass of scotch in honor of the Highlander* Okay, I can't actually verify if you watched it, but if you didn't, you're a failure as a human being. The rest of you know why the legendary Ricky Bobby mistakenly thought this movie won the Oscar for best movie ever made. Starring the odd looking Frenchie Christopher Lambert as a Scotsman with the worst Scottish accent pretty much ever, he discovers he's an Immortal and must fight all the other Immortals until only one is left. After meeting with the actual Scotsman and pretty much coolest man alive Sean Connery, who even stranger, isn't playing a Scot, but a Spaniard or maybe an Egyptian with what is actually the best Scottish accent in the movie, but probably not purpose,  he trains to become an expert sword fighter since the only way to kill another Immortal is to cut off his head. 

So, anyways, this was my chance to channel my Gorean ego once again by wearing long, flowing hair as I swung around a gigantic, not overcompensating for anything, broadsword. I was inspired by his training montage where he inexplicably practiced sword techniques at the top of towering mountains, mostly for the arial shots, I'm sure. Because, when I lost my sword at the bottom of that mountain, I would have just said, 'fuck it...I'll buy another one.' Speaking of another one...*heads off for another glass of Scotch*

Skirt:    !gO! - Maccloy Kilt
Shirt:    Snatched - Buccaneer outfit
Boots:    Coco Designs - group gift Suede Boots 
Ridiculous Fabio Hair:    Wasabi Pills - Hawk


PXL Pink

If you're not a member of PXL Hart's VIP Skin Group (250L to join) then you're missing out on this adorable group gift just in time for Valentine's day. I love the glossy pink  lips and the pink brows. It goes perfect with the new windswept style from Truth Hawks.

Also, IKON eyes released a new line! It's not out on display yet, but you can still get the free group gift (0L to join) until Friday. 

Earrings:    Maxi Gossamer - Love Heart Mesh Earrings (Silver)
Hair:    Truth - Angie (Hot Pink w/roots) New!
Eyes:    IKON - Lucid Eyes (Optimism) New![Group Gift]
Skin:    [PXL] - Kate Nat VDAY-2013 [Group Gift]
Lashes:    Izzie's v1.02
Windlight:    StrawberrySingh's Original


Pose Fair Preview - Just Visiting

When I first started making poses, I wanted to make poses that would inspire beautiful photographs. However, I got more into making poses for bloggers - and mostly ones that were more useful to me than others. Pose fair is giving me a chance of breaking away from that stigma and really pushing my personal envelope into more artistic and inspiring animations. Here is a first preview of one of the many variants of this soft sit. 

I spent awhile trying to figure out where to take my picture, and my adventures had me scoping out older faves (with some of them closed) and seeking out newer sims. My favorite groups to hunt down SIM locations are [SL] Blogger Support's Simwide Locations , Second Life - Beautiful SIMs, and the SL Tourist Board. I ended up finding a beautiful artistic, expressive waterscape SIM called Just Visiting.

(Speaking of photographs, when I look at this photograph I feel a sense of pride. I am pleased with how far my editing skills have come over the past few months. #Tootingmyownhorn)

Dress:    Baiastice - Aida Dress (White)
Hair:    Lelutka - Salome (Nutcracker)
Hands:    SLink Mesh Hands
Eyelids:    SLink Mesh Eyelids
Feet:    Gos Boutique
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Pose:    Picture This Poses! 
Windlight:    Gwen's Light


The Hair I've Been Waiting For

Since I joined Second Life almost two years ago, I have been searching for one hair style above all others: A single braid that goes down the back. At the time, my best choice was either a flexi braid from Analog Dog or a sculpted braid from Truth. As you can imagine, both did not have the desired effect I was looking for. The flexi braid often vanished inside my body; the sculpted braid was stiff as a board and worked only for photographs. 

I had some braid options that were more natural looking, but these styles were over the shoulder. I waited, and I waited. When Second Life became mesh capable, I waited in anticipation. A braid - just a simple braid - that hangs down the back. 

It took awhile for that to happen, though I was continually exposed to over-the-shoulder braids from the hairdressers of Second Life. Every so often a down-the-back braid would appear, but it would lack realism. Or the bangs would be blunt and straight. 

At long last I finally got the hair I've been looking for. Truth Hawks released 'Laurie' last Friday. Not only does it have a more natural bang, but the braid itself is long, well textured, and not oddly tapered or too thick. 

Towel:    Dutchie Wearable Towel 
Hair:    Truth - Laurie (Cranberry) New!
Hands/Feet:    Slink
Skin:    League - Jen (Fair Natural)
Pose:    Primping [Part of the Dutchie Mesh Vanity]
Windlight:    B5 - Shadowdancing