Anypose Expression - Before someone was kind enough to point this thing out to me, I would take snapshot after snapshot just trying to get the eyes right. Yes, even with the debug settings. Or alt + clicking on things, which as you know, changes your camera position. The Anypose Face expression contains the standard facial expressions, but it also changes the position of your eyes. You can look straight on, look left, look right. Up, down, and all around. You get the picture. The best part? This is a free tool on the Marketplace.

Phototools - Firestorm is my main viewer for both usability and familiarity. I've tried other viewers for photography, but I always end up back to Firestorm. Mainly because I have an ATI 6800 graphics card and Firestorm is the only viewer that doesn't mess up my ultra settings. Firestorm is very user friendly in all aspects except for Windlight. With this plugin by William Weaver you can take control of Windlight usability.

Liquify Me - A favorite tutorial on how to use the Liquify feature in Photoshop.

Animare Pose System - This is an inworld poser tool used to create static animations without using external software. I actually don't recommend this tool as a pose maker. However, say you REALLY love a pose, but you can't use it because your hand is sticking through your mesh or your clothing/hair prims. Or maybe the foot pose is too pronounced while wearing rigged mesh. This HUD allows you to make slight tweaks in a pose in order to work better with your shape or your prims for your photograph.

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